A Long Time Ago…

When I moved this summer, I decided to pick up a new game. As I have a few friends who have really enjoyed Star Wars Imperial Assault, and most of the local game stores seemed to have a tournament environment, it was a good pick.

Fast forward a few months and I have started to actually slap some paint on the figures. Work being work, I haven’t been able to play many games with the local crowd but I have managed to get a few games in with friends.

Last night I managed to play a game with my wife and kids and the girls loved it. The game has a story mode where players control heroes and fight the Empire. With an app that has been released, nobody has to be stuck playing the bad guys and the kids loved it.

My youngest daughter absolutely loves wookies so she picked Gaarkhan in about 2 seconds flat. As an easy to painted figure he was the first of the 4 heroes to get painted.

Also getting some paint were the Royal Guards. I have always liked how they looked in the movies but I was a bit disappointed that they aren’t as awesome as some other figures.

Also getting painted was a probe droid, one of my favourite villains for all of the 2 minutes he was in the movies.

As a bit of an action shot we see the fearless wookie about to crush some Imperials.

A short post but hopefully inspirational. If nothing else to find a way to bring your hobby to the next generation.


We’re in bat country

A post that had to wait for delivery, one of my longtime friends is a huge fan of a certain infamous journalist. Although now dead, I feel I captured the feel of this individual. As a Christmas gift, I felt it was a good gift he can adorn his office or home (or even game with).

Lazarus by Hassle Free Miniatures painted as Hunter S Thompson

I used the costume from the film adaptation of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas as it seemed pretty dead on.

Lazarus by Hassle Free Miniatures painted as Hunter S Thompson

Lazarus by Hassle Free Miniatures painted as Hunter S Thompson

To really evoke the 70s vibe I included the retro Adidas bag and a 1974 movie poster at his feet (Star Wars).

Lazarus by Hassle Free Miniatures painted as Hunter S Thompson

Short post, but hopefully no less inspirational, if nothing else to make all your heroes miniature.

New Recruits

As the title implies many more figures, I must apologize and say I misled you.  Instead, this just marks a bit of an increase in the miniature gamers out there.

As I have mentioned on this blog in the past, my girls like painting figures with me.  It is something they will do every so often, sadly less often here as I don’t have a good permanent set-up for painting.


For Christmas, in addition to the many other gifts we spoiled the girls with, I gave them each several miniatures they can paint and play a game with.  After their first game I even let them pick a few more figures to add to their collections.

DSCF8774The game I introduced them to is the Revised Song of Blades and Heroes.  In many ways it seems an old fashioned game.  It was something I was referred to by several gaming buddies a few years ago.  The biggest benefit it how simple the rules are.  I have stolen some line art drawing (as drawing is not one of my strengths) and used them to create the sheets included.  These gave the girls an easy reference and they already have the few special rules they each use memorized after only a few games.

Sample Lists:

If you have never played the game, I recommend picking it up (although there is an Advanced set of rules, I assume it is equally as good – I just haven’t played it).  It uses only 3 measuring ranges that can be easily made via a variety of measuring sticks.  I opted to cut and paint bamboo skewers so they are colour coded too.  Each model has only two stats and at most a few special rules.  While movement isn’t required, I included it there for simplicity.

Activation is easy enough to manage so much so that my 6 year old can figure out which is the best order to activate and how to use her leader to help other activations.

A brief post today, but hopefully still inspirational.  If nothing else, to maybe get out there with the next generation to have them start playing.

Quick and Dirty

So I recently finished a commission that was a bit different for me. A friend of a friend wanted some table-top quality figs done up so I volunteered to help out.

How is that different? Well they were 3D printed models. This was one of the UV reactive liquid printers so it had fewer layer lines.

As expected they were quick and easy to paint but a bit frustrating. I knew to expect paint adhesion issues so I gave them a good scrubbing. As a plus a bit of rubbing alcohol residue was still in them after the wash so the paint drying accelerated on the primer.

The issues was the models continued sweating through-out causing a few paint adhesion issues. This was most obvious on the white and made wet-blending impossible. It did not resist dry brushing and exaggerated highlighting so I went that route after the first fig.

Overall, the detail was a bit sparse and stylized. Interesting effect, but not my normal genre. After seeing the art style I opted for a bit more of an anime style. These are HeroForge minis that he managed to print at home, not sure how that works…must be a new option.

Anyhow, hopefully you found this inspirational, if nothing else to try a new genre in your hobby craft.

Gathering moss

Unlike a rolling stone. Sadly I wish I had something tree related with that title, but instead I just managed to throw paint on a couple more figs. Actually I have 7 figures in progress right now but these two are “done enough”.

Up first is a figure who will represent a sneaky thief. He pretends to be a merchant and travels with his well-locked chest. Once night falls his kobold allies come out of the extra-dimensional house that is hidden in the chest. Cue the music and creepy kobold night fight.

The face is a bit rough, not helped by the mold-line on the face I missed. Good enough for a one-time villain and/or villager proxy for future games.

Also getting finished is another bugbear. This one a bit more well armoured than the others.

A bit harsh in the contrast and that armour is entirely too clean for a bugbear but again…good enough for what he will be.

To wrap it up a action pic and hopefully a bit of motivation, if nothing else to power through a few figs to get that momentum going.

It’s been a while

…and I won’t subject you to Stained. Instead, here is something else.


I have been quite busy as of late. Work is still the main culprit, with a change of provinces, job, and a move I have had little time to do hobby stuff. I have been able to set up a new DnD game and that has led to a bit of brush work.

The thing about a new group is trying to get the buy in early. So I went all out in converting characters for the players.

To start with a very old friend happens to live in my new city of residence. He wanted to make a goliath race warden so I found the best suites model…and painted it. He literally matched the model exactly.

Next was another coworker who played in my last DnD group. He got moved with work too. He opted for a dwarf fighter…which became and dwarf cleric when he realized the other player had made a similar character.

The next player opted for a human fighter. Nothing too fancy, until you consider I converted the same model I showcased last time. Weapon swap, head swap and shield swap later and we have an AWOL soldier.

That player’s wife wanted a shifter cleric. She saw a Tiefling model and asked if I could turn the horns into ears. Bit of knife work and some putty to remove the other ears and I she was ecstatic about the results.

There are two other characters but I seem to be missing pictures on my phone…yes I am using my phone instead of computer dear reader. I apologize for the lack of polish for this reason.

Instead, here is the party snap shot.

A bit eclectic but I think they have worked well as a team so far.

The next adventure had a requirement for some monsters and NPCs I hadn’t painted yet so here are a few with a bit of paint.

Quite the mix I know, but I am happy with the results, even if they are just a quick speed paint.

Hopefully today has inspired you, if nothing else to stir up the ashes and bring a hobby fire back to life.

Return of the Hobbyist

It has been a long time since I have been able to post, so I apologize to my regular readers.  Between needing surgery and several work trips, I have been unable to find hobby time. Last night marked the first time in nearly a year since I was able to do anything hobby related.

Vernone by Reaper Miniatures in Bones. Sadly miscast.

Conversion of Vernone by Reaper Miniatures in Bones.

The first thing I did was a bit of a conversion.  When my Bones 3 arrived, I had one miscast model, Vernone.  I contacted Reaper and they quickly sent me a replacement.  In the mean-time, he had been sitting on my desk when I came back.  A bit of scalpel work later and viola, a new knight with a grim hammer.  Nothing too involved but a good selling point of Bones: this conversion would be much more difficult in nearly all other materials.

In keeping with my bad puns, like Return of the Jedi, this post will feature a cute and cuddly thing too.


Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Well maybe just cute.  One of the space rogues (think Guardians of the Galaxy) I have been working on, I did the basic blocking out of colours for Ruth last night, the plucky space dwarf (Hasslefree Grimm) hacker.

I wanted an eclectic colour mix for the helmet and did some lines to divide and pushed paint around.  Her bright yellow jumpsuit screams non-combatant and I figured it was funny.  I had to make her elbow and knee pads pink just to add to the whole ludicrous effect.

I see with the giants pics of shame that I need to touch up a few edges and I need a bit better blending of her jumpsuit in a couple spots.  I still need to highlight the webbing, helmet, visor and finish a few things but I think the overall effect is cool and evokes the stereo-typical free-spirit hacker.  The laptop is likely going to stay black or grey but I intend to paint on some logos on the back of the screen and possibly add in either the “blue screen of death”, a start-up screen from Windows, or a busy looking screen making it look like she is doing some hard-core hacking.  Still, as a WIP and only a bit of brush time she is definitely coming along.

I do like the look of the Grimm and I am not sure what I would paint the others when I pick more up.  I am tempted to keep the yellow jumpsuits but have everything “military” painted in olive drab or something similar.  When I pick some more of them up we will see where my head is at.

So from the obscurity of the web comes a quick update.  Hopefully you found this inspirational, if nothing else to dive back in with both feet after a hobby hiatus.