Gathering moss

Unlike a rolling stone. Sadly I wish I had something tree related with that title, but instead I just managed to throw paint on a couple more figs. Actually I have 7 figures in progress right now but these two are “done enough”.

Up first is a figure who will represent a sneaky thief. He pretends to be a merchant and travels with his well-locked chest. Once night falls his kobold allies come out of the extra-dimensional house that is hidden in the chest. Cue the music and creepy kobold night fight.

The face is a bit rough, not helped by the mold-line on the face I missed. Good enough for a one-time villain and/or villager proxy for future games.

Also getting finished is another bugbear. This one a bit more well armoured than the others.

A bit harsh in the contrast and that armour is entirely too clean for a bugbear but again…good enough for what he will be.

To wrap it up a action pic and hopefully a bit of motivation, if nothing else to power through a few figs to get that momentum going.


It’s been a while

…and I won’t subject you to Stained. Instead, here is something else.


I have been quite busy as of late. Work is still the main culprit, with a change of provinces, job, and a move I have had little time to do hobby stuff. I have been able to set up a new DnD game and that has led to a bit of brush work.

The thing about a new group is trying to get the buy in early. So I went all out in converting characters for the players.

To start with a very old friend happens to live in my new city of residence. He wanted to make a goliath race warden so I found the best suites model…and painted it. He literally matched the model exactly.

Next was another coworker who played in my last DnD group. He got moved with work too. He opted for a dwarf fighter…which became and dwarf cleric when he realized the other player had made a similar character.

The next player opted for a human fighter. Nothing too fancy, until you consider I converted the same model I showcased last time. Weapon swap, head swap and shield swap later and we have an AWOL soldier.

That player’s wife wanted a shifter cleric. She saw a Tiefling model and asked if I could turn the horns into ears. Bit of knife work and some putty to remove the other ears and I she was ecstatic about the results.

There are two other characters but I seem to be missing pictures on my phone…yes I am using my phone instead of computer dear reader. I apologize for the lack of polish for this reason.

Instead, here is the party snap shot.

A bit eclectic but I think they have worked well as a team so far.

The next adventure had a requirement for some monsters and NPCs I hadn’t painted yet so here are a few with a bit of paint.

Quite the mix I know, but I am happy with the results, even if they are just a quick speed paint.

Hopefully today has inspired you, if nothing else to stir up the ashes and bring a hobby fire back to life.

Return of the Hobbyist

It has been a long time since I have been able to post, so I apologize to my regular readers.  Between needing surgery and several work trips, I have been unable to find hobby time. Last night marked the first time in nearly a year since I was able to do anything hobby related.

Vernone by Reaper Miniatures in Bones. Sadly miscast.

Conversion of Vernone by Reaper Miniatures in Bones.

The first thing I did was a bit of a conversion.  When my Bones 3 arrived, I had one miscast model, Vernone.  I contacted Reaper and they quickly sent me a replacement.  In the mean-time, he had been sitting on my desk when I came back.  A bit of scalpel work later and viola, a new knight with a grim hammer.  Nothing too involved but a good selling point of Bones: this conversion would be much more difficult in nearly all other materials.

In keeping with my bad puns, like Return of the Jedi, this post will feature a cute and cuddly thing too.


Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Ruth by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Well maybe just cute.  One of the space rogues (think Guardians of the Galaxy) I have been working on, I did the basic blocking out of colours for Ruth last night, the plucky space dwarf (Hasslefree Grimm) hacker.

I wanted an eclectic colour mix for the helmet and did some lines to divide and pushed paint around.  Her bright yellow jumpsuit screams non-combatant and I figured it was funny.  I had to make her elbow and knee pads pink just to add to the whole ludicrous effect.

I see with the giants pics of shame that I need to touch up a few edges and I need a bit better blending of her jumpsuit in a couple spots.  I still need to highlight the webbing, helmet, visor and finish a few things but I think the overall effect is cool and evokes the stereo-typical free-spirit hacker.  The laptop is likely going to stay black or grey but I intend to paint on some logos on the back of the screen and possibly add in either the “blue screen of death”, a start-up screen from Windows, or a busy looking screen making it look like she is doing some hard-core hacking.  Still, as a WIP and only a bit of brush time she is definitely coming along.

I do like the look of the Grimm and I am not sure what I would paint the others when I pick more up.  I am tempted to keep the yellow jumpsuits but have everything “military” painted in olive drab or something similar.  When I pick some more of them up we will see where my head is at.

So from the obscurity of the web comes a quick update.  Hopefully you found this inspirational, if nothing else to dive back in with both feet after a hobby hiatus.

A stitch in time

With my week wrapped-up I was able to find a bit of brush time.  Fortunately, this also gives me a chance to get a few models ready for the next RPG session.  All of these are actually Bones 3 models that I have been slowly putting paint to brush on.

Stitch golem by Reaper Miniatures

Stitch golem by Reaper Miniatures

Stitch golem by Reaper Miniatures

Stitch golem by Reaper Miniatures

Stitch golem by Reaper Miniatures

Through the course of previous sessions, the players have managed to secure a town (actually the size of a small city with the refugees they brought in) and have sworn fealty to one of the city-state fiefdoms.  Their problems really started at that point since the town was actually under the protection of the other neighbouring fiefdom.  As they have picked a few fights with the representatives of the magister, I felt it was appropriate to give them a more fleshed out force.

Their new rival city state is run by a magister but it is also home to the Arcane University.  The influence of powerful magic users means it would make sense they would not fight with soldiers most of the time.  So I have thrown together a few golems that will reflect a more accurate force they would use in war.

The stitch golems here are just plain cute.  I rushed these a bit but they are definitely a lot of fun to paint.  The metal models probably have a few more details but these are very sharp and crisp with only a few stitches here and there not clear and crisp.  I opted to number them as I was reminded of the movie 9 featuring rag-dolls with a bit of magical spark.

The blue and yellow one I rushed a bit and I could touch him up in the future.  When these are released at retail I will likely get a few more as they are very silly and a few more for conversions would be fun.

Flesh golem by Reaper Miniatures

Flesh golem by Reaper Miniatures

The next golem getting paint is the flesh golem.  This model is a lot of fun.  Some of the stitching of body parts was overlapped by mold lines and the left side of the face was a bit soft on detail so I am not sure where the sutures begin and end.

A very gruesome piece I exploited was that the stitching completely separates some body parts and skin patches so now he looks as patch-work as the other golems.  I wasn’t 100% sure if the right leg was supposed to be loose flesh or pants so I went with flesh.  Either way he is quite the versatile model.  I can see this used in fantasy, horror, or sci-fi.

Iron golem by Reaper Miniatures

Iron golem by Reaper Miniatures

Iron golem by Reaper Miniatures

Iron golem by Reaper Miniatures. Hayden by Hasslefree Miniatures.

The final golem getting done is the massive Iron Golem.  Standing at nearly 4 inches tall this towering beast dwarfs most other models.  To carry on with my usual bad puns…insert dwarf for scale.

I opted to go with a bare metal design with crudely painted yellow based on how it will fit in the RPG story.

I did do a very crude glow effect on the vents.  Most of them look good from at least one angle…the problem is none of them look good from the same angle.  I am most happy with the vents on the head.

A few models to showcase and a bit of my usual rambling, but hopefully something was inspiring for you today.  If nothing else, it shows you how a solid plan and some speed-painting can help you get new models on the table for your next game no matter what you play.


Fresh Melons

Ok, I will skip explaining the pun in the title as it should be pretty obvious soon enough.  I have been able to do a bit of painting lately and have a few things to show off.

Tyrea Bronzelocks by Reaper Miniatures.

Tyrea Bronzelocks by Reaper Miniatures.

Tyrea Bronzelocks by Reaper Miniatures.

Tyrea Bronzelocks and Lem Iconic Bard by Reaper Miniatures.

First off we have Tyrea Bronzelocks from Reaper Bones.  At first I was disappointed the detail was soft on this one, then I realized it was the transparency.

The model is very detailed but the mold lines were a bit finicky on this one.  I didn’t do a huge amount of work on this one, but like all Kevin White models it shows a very realistic portrayal of the female form.  Even if she is wearing Frazetta-esque armour, her posture and curves are very realistic and natural.

I painted her up as Sonja, a henchmen one of the players recently managed to recruit.  I went with a very pale celtic skin tone and subtle red hair.  The woad does reflect what I thought would be good paint without washing out her face.  I will mention she does have a normal nose, it is the woad line that gives the illusion of no nose.

The party managed to seize a town and have moved refugees into it.  Through their own gold they have improved the town and expanded the small town from 300 to about 5000.  He got this henchman as he wanted Khadafi-style deadly female warriora to guard the keep.  So the first of his “Charlie’s Angels” was randomly determined from the unpainted models I had handy.

I also realized that the thief’s new miniature hasn’t been showcased just yet.  As his background was more river-pirate than ranger, a figure swap was required.  A simple conversion and more or less done painting.  I have him posed with Sonja.

Ork Yoof with stikk bombz and slugga.

Ork Yoof with stikk bombz and slugga.

Ork Yoof with shoota

Ork Yoof with shoota

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion, 2 yoofs with slugga and shoota.

Ork Kill team WIP. Lots of choppy, less dakka.

Also getting a bit of work are a couple of the “Yoofs” from my Ork Kill team for Shadow War Armageddon.  Up first is a yoof with stikk bombz.  Orks are terrible shots in the game.  In the best of circumstances, they only hit about 1/3 of the time.  That said, no smart Ork would carry grenades since they are very likely to bounce back and hit him after missing.  On the other hand, if you don’t mind your own guys being hit the grenade is more likely to hit as it uses a fairly large template.  This particular guy has a heart tattoo on his arm just because.

Also seeing some paint is another yoof with a shoota.  Why give an Ork a shooting weapon after my comment that they can’t hit?  Well Ork shootas shoot lots…so they are more likely to get a hit.  They are also likely to run out of ammo.  Both combine into the reason why I only gave shooting weapons to my yoofs.

To compare size, you will see the previously posted Ork.  And as a teaser, here is the rest of the Kill team so far, with just skin blocked in.

A small number of models, but hopefully no less inspirational for you today.  If nothing else, remember that painting your shelf of shame is just like eating an elephant: one bite at a time.  Note, do not either bite or eat your miniatures.

Shadow War Armageddon

It has been quite the gap in updates.  Sadly work has been quite hectic and I just wrapped up a course to boot.  However, I think I will be getting a bit of hobby time in the near future.  Much like the rest of the miniature wargames community, I too jumped on the SW band-wagon.  In my defense, I was planning to start a Necromunda type game in my club.  I have obviously not been following the GW news or I would have been aware it was coming.

So far, I have enjoyed the game.  It is a bit more stream-lined than Necromunda, but it gives more variety of opponents and lets people play with stock models without going crazy on conversions.  Naturally you should be well aware I will go crazy on conversions.  If you are on the fence about this game and liked Necromunda, I recommend it.  If you despised all 2nd Edition 40k iterations, stay clear.  If you have never played these ancient games, then it is a fun game to play that emphasizes a small unit so it is good for converting and building good terrain.

Inquisitor Kill-team. Mostly Games Workshop models, one Warzone figure.

Chaos Kill-team.

I have two painted and complete warbands right now.  These were formed from existing models with a bit of details on a few to make them seem more kill-team like and less generic trooper #7.  If you look closely, some of my Necromunda project has made it into the Inquisitor kill-team while the Chaos kill-team is using Necromunda models.

As the league starts with the local club my terrain will be heavily used, but I will also be trying to get a terrain workshop running to get the members learning how to build terrain.  As an added bonus the new gamestore will have a huge influx of terrain afterwards.

If people are interested, I may go back and do detailed pics of each model.  And naturally as I convert more they will be showcased.  The Chaos one requires the least work surprisingly.  I modeled my entire Iron Warriors army quite extensively to have the feel of troops late in a campaign and scrounging for what they can.  As a result they all are very dynamic and characterful.

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion.

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion.

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion.

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion.

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion.

I have also done a converted Tau kill-team, something that will be the topic of a later update.  Why?  Well, there is a guilty pleasure I have entertained.  In my youth I found Orks rather silly and out of place in the 40k setting.  As I got older I saw they were more a parody of modern society than anything else.  They models and conversion opportunities were what always made me jealous.  Sure, I custom built each vehicle used in my Iron Warriors.  Yes, I have scratch-built other vehicles (two of which have been showcased here).  In fact, I have also sculpted models.

So why would Orks be something I am jealous of?  Well they are just so characterful.

The first custom-built model is showcased here today.  I built my own heavy armour by adding on plates and ridiculously over-sized rivets.  I am not sure if I am happy with the rust wash formula I used this time and I see it went on a bit heavy in some places and too light in others.  I will probably leave him as is, he looks good enough.

Will he be useful in the game?  I have no idea, but he was fun to build.  That is the mantra I have had with the Orks I have built and they will be my next major project.  Every ork is carefully planned and put together.  So this will be a fun project with lots of conversions and character.

Hopefully something inspired you today, if nothing else to feed that little voice in your head.  You know the one, that silly kid who tells you what to do but as an adult we have to hush up.  Until next time.

Another commercial break?

I have been absent from my blog for a while.  Sadly, I have been taking a course that is filling up most of my spare time.  If it is any consolation, the rest of the time has been filled by my regularly scheduled D&D game and the wife and I started playing a video game together.

So what is with the title?  Another batch of terrain posters advertising made-up companies?

Dungeon Saga terrain by Mantic. Image not my work, used without permission.

No, instead I have stumbled across a Kickstarter that I think is worth sharing as it has a very good deal on terrain bobbins that I find fiddly and frustrating to make.  Mantic has rolled-out something they call Terrain Crate.  This is a series of small terrain items suitable to dress up either your RPGs or wargames tables.  The idea for this came from an add-on they developed for Dungeon Saga, their Dungeon Dressing bits which have sold better than the game as far as I understand.

Dungeon Saga terrain by Mantic. Image not my work, used without permission.

Why?  Simply put, it is a good product that had a wider audience than their game did.

So I will share the link for you to check out at your leisure, an investment worth checking out in my opinion.

Just click on the picture to go to the Kickstarter.

As for the video game?  Ironically another Kickstarter it turns out: Divinity: Original Sin.  This is a very fun Diablo-esque throw-back game but it is completely class-less and has a very funny and well written story.  It can also be played cooperatively with split screen so the two people are not stuck together and forced to follow each other.

So a short post this time around with a very commercial flair, hopefully I inspired you to have at look at what I consider to be a good deal, even if you choose not to spend your money.