FUBAR is a set of rules I was exposed to at an Edmonton Wargaming Group games night several months ago. If you are in Edmonton, look it up on Yahoo.

FUBAR started as an online reaction to over-complicated and ever expanding rules – a one-page set of rules. Now the rules have expanded a bit and several periods and settings exist. Simply put, it is an abstract set of generic science fiction wargame rules. Fortunately (unfortunately?) there are no points values for units unless a set has been developed (conversions of Star Wars or 40K for example). The FUBAR site is here.

Sample Card
An example of the unit data cards I am creating. DP9 Fleet Scale CEF Battle Frame

I intend to develop scenarios that do not have balanced forces. Instead, each force reflects the capability to achieve their tactical objectives, with difficulty. The board set-up will always include 3 elements of infrastructure scenery, 3 tactical objectives, and enough other terrain to make the battle interesting. Objectives will include seizing tactical objectives, controlling infrastructure, conducting counter-battery fire or even scorched earth tactics. I will also have a wildcard of a third force…that may side with either force or stay independent, depending on objectives.

Stray Forces
The “Strays” advancing through the city. Ruined Buildings are Games Workshop plastic Epic Buildings.

My intent is that this will play as a non-conventional warfare game using air support, artillery, electronic warfare, fog of war, and realistic objectives. I have a large set of ruined urban terrain and I am slowly expanding that to include infrastructure and tactical objectives. I have two infrastructure objectives built: a small nuclear power reactor and a water treatment plant (the power plant is the central building in the above pic). The next to be built is a television station.

Stray Blue APC 8
Games Workshop Epic Rhino turned into an APC 8 command and control vehicle with ECM.

The first force I put together are the Strays. The core of these are CEF Fleetscale Miniatures from DP9. The two-legged walkers, infantry and minitanks all were packaged together. Sadly the tanks are out of scale, but I wanted to use them. After seeing a crowd of people figuratively “plugged into” their data phones I took a step past Ghost in the Shell. Upload your personality into a shared collective virtual space. There’s an app for that. Download your persona into a vacant body or machine…now an army takes shape.

Stray Orange Cannon Frame
DP9 Battle Frame conversion with a Gauss Cannon. Recast as an Armoured Persona Framework. Still called Frame because I’m lazy.

The Strays roam the streets and “collect” the unwary and abandoned. Now the mini-tanks make perfect sense, and the walkers with waaay too small crew compartments…they just have a few chips and a modem to fill in for a crew. Sinister in some sense, the uploaded personas do actually have a pleasant existence and immortality…as long as the servers stay up. Naturally, the Strays are obsessed with maintaining the power grid and protecting KT-TV (Kitty TV – cute and cuddly, the place for off-world broadcasts).

Stray Red Strider
A Strider, the heaviest vehicle deployed. A CinC Recon Walker model. Very nice to assemble with crisp detail.

This force has very limited anti-vehicle weaponry, relying on the heavier Striders and a couple of heavy weapon Frames conversions. The Frames all have a very short range anti-tank weapon…so if they can survive they will be able to ambush vehicles. The SPRCs (Sparks) provide most of the anti-tank firepower, as expected for mini tanks. Realistically these forces will not do very well outside of dense urban terrain.

Stray Purple SPRC
Semi-Autonomous Programmable Robotic Combatants (“Sparks”) Stray heavy infantry. DP9 CEF Fleet Scale Hover Tank.

Eventually I will get the hang of taking better pics. 6mm is an unforgiving in terms of photography…close enough to pick up detail makes the painting look pretty terrible.


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