The past week has given me enough time to sneak a few more models into the finished stage.



A CinC Renegade Legion Lupis TOG Light APC that I have rebranded a Hive command and control APC.

The CinC Renegade Legion Anti-Grav Tanks are just amazing.  My only complaint is that the Romulus TOG Medium APC (I rebranded the Elf) has waaay too many weapon systems.  If I painted and included all the weapons on the model it would have: a main gun, a coaxial gun, a missile launcher (2 missiles) and a rocket pod (6 missiles).  The vehicle also has no viable exit point as the turret is above where the access hatch opens into.  But it is 6mm scale…so I will just suck it up :-).

Blue-Black AILV


A frontal view of the CinC Renegade Legion Romulus TOG Medium APC.  I have designated each vehicle and squad within the Platoon like poker chips.  This is Black Squad of Blue Platoon.

Blue-White AILV

Here is a side profile of the Romulus.  I have rebranded these into Armoured Infantry Landing Vehicles – AILV or Elf.  This is White Squad’s ride.

The infantry are very high quality too.  I have only a small selection of the miniatures but am amazed at the value.  Each pack of approximately 53 models costs an astounding $8.00 USD.  The detail is superb and much superior to the DP9 infantry models I previously posted.

Blue-Black Squad Blue-White Squad Blue Target Designator Blue Squad

I see your $20 and raise 5 Colonial Marines.  CinC Solar Empire Marines.  The heavy weapon is from the Infantry Light Support pack, all other soldiers are the basic infantry.

The Felinoids models are a bit staggering.  I looked at them online and thought, ok, they look cool.  I looked at them when I received them and thought, nice sculpts.  I put them beside assembled infantry and realized they are 10-12 feet tall.  In accordance with the cannon of the setting they are sculpted for, no problem.  Just be aware if you buy them they are quite imposing.

Green Infiltrator


CinC Solar Empire Marines Felinoids.  To gauge size, these are all based on Canadian/American pennies.  This is an Infiltrator Pride, a unit that starts the game securing infrastructure and gains bonuses to terrain.

Each model carries a large sword, something I was originally going to ignore for FUBAR.  Now, I am thinking of either giving a melee bonus or calling it an anti-tank knife.  Imagine the poor Australian poacher who tried the “that ain’t a knife” routine with this guy.

Green Infiltrator Zoom1 Green Infiltrator Zoom 2

Extreme close-up.  Background models out of focus.  The detailing really stands out.  This model is crouching while the others are prone.  The remainder of the sculpts are standing or squatting.  There is an unarmed weapon operator in the basic pack…he is undergoing conversion to man a mortar.

So there is a snap-shot of those models.  If you are interested in some 6mm Sci-Fi models  highly recommend CinC.  They have 3 ranges of science fiction models that are fairly inter-changeable.  The Solar Empire Marines line assumes mass-production and similar designs so nearly all the vehicles and heavy weapons are intended for universal use.  I personally prefer the look of the Renegade Legion Antigrav Tanks so went that route.


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