Tonight gave me a chance to have some players at the Edmonton Wargaming Group playtest the forces.  Dave used the Strays supporting a couple of Infiltrator Prides of the Felines versus Chen Song commanding a platoon of infantry and a tank platoon.

15 Jan FUBAR Battle


Early movement of the Felines secured the ruined office tower and bridge.  The Red Strider  Squad provides over-watch from across the river.

To simplify the game based on forces available, the objectives were not secretly determined.  The Marines had to secure the office towers and bridge while the Felines and Strays needed to inflict 25% casualties and withdraw at least 50% of their forces.


15 Jan FUBAR Battle 2

The tenacious Feline squad in the tower first planted mines, then waited for harvest.  They took 50% casualties, but held off two Marine squads.  The over-watch from across the river prevented the Marines from bringing all 3 squads into the building.  This stall, and a later counter-attack by the Felines holding the bridge resulted in a Marine defeat.

The real disappointment in the game was the limited movement.  Obviously I need to improve activation rates of the units.  I am thinking of raising Marine activation rolls as long as they have their command element alive.  The Strays may get a news van from KT-TV to give a similar bonus.  The Felines just have to suck it up…they start the game holding all the objectives anyways.

Red HT-010

Renegade Legion Aeneas Light Tank by CinC that has been renamed a HT-010 “Hornet” Colonial Marine hovertank.  The plethora of weapon systems makes it a bit frightening.  At least when it activates.  Substantially smaller than the other vehicles.


Yellow Stinger GAF

Renegade Legion Space Gull by C in C.  These “Stinger” fighters are quite modular, as I put this together in a much different way than the pictures on the C in C site.  Potentially deadly, the Colonial Marines must not have coordinated radio frequencies since they never showed up.


Dog OP

A Colonial Marine Observation Point?  Not all the objectives will be held by the Felines.  Although it will no always play a role, the Colonial Marines will have an OP on the battlefield that potentially could be a target for the Felines.  It will respond to enemy movements like a unit on guard and have a save and suppression value but it will not otherwise function as a unit.

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One response to “Deja FUBAR?”

  1. Dave says :

    Yep, needs a mechanic to make activation easier. Commanders are one, another might a tactical advantage chit which you can use for a re-roll but once used passes to the opponent. Also, could make activation +1 easier when outside of enemy weapon range (not just LOS as per the rules).

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