Slow and Steady

It’s been a busy few weeks so sadly my projects have had to take a back seat.  I say projects because there is a super secret birthday project in the works for my dad.  I’ve already said too much.


Dog OP

A Colonial Marine Observation Post (OP).  The tent is from plasticard with green-stuff flaps and top, with a few edges onto the body to give a canvas like appearance.  Most of the effect is paint.

This will be a potential objective for the Felines.  It can reactive fire, but otherwise is something to be seized or destroyed.  I am 50-50 on if a sniper detachment should be deployed near this objective.  It will likely draw Colonial Marine assets to defend it, simply to deny the enemy an easy victory.


Cat Arty

A Feline gun emplacement.  Made from a nail and plasticard (squint in the right light and the gun shield and mantlet are visible under the cam-net).  The Cam-net is cotton with two small posts.

I made the cam-net in a new way.  I mixed water, glue and thick green paint into the fabric to help it keep it’s shape.  It dries a lot lighter, but gives a good infusion.  Since I wanted to try a Swedish scop-kit effect, a light colour was the best base.  From there I did reverse hi-lighting (going from light to dark with the most raised areas the darkest).  The gradual wet blend is lost at this scale.  I have to say it works since it took me 20 pics to get 3 to choose from…the colours and flock shifted the focus.

For game play, these will be off-board artillery pieces with a need for a forward observer and separate activation.  In some scenarios, the Colonial Marine objective will be to destroy this with an air-strike.  Observe a shot, make expertise roll for counter-battery, aircraft inbound.  Big boom, go home for victory beers.


Brown Pride

CinC Solar Empire Marines Felinoids.  This is a Protector Squad.  Like the Infiltrators, these start the game holding potential objectives.  A larger squad, but not elite like the Infiltrators. By sheer chance of selecting models, I made this with only three poses.  Not the most exciting in terms of variety.

Close Up OP

Extreme close-up of the OP being over-run.  CinC Solar Empire Marines and Felinoids.  The scale of the felinoids is apparent here…absolutely giant!  Again, I think those swords they carry are going to translate to a game effect.

So the project is rolling along nicely.  This is good as I have agreed to run this as a game for the Edmonton Wargame Group annual games day: MayDay (  If you will be in Edmonton during that time, it will be worth checking out.

To actually have this project to a level I would like I need to get more terrain done and a lot more models.  2 more platoons of Marines.  3 more squads of felines, a mortar team, a towed anti-tank gun, and the tank squad.  The support elements may get trimmed to only 2 of those 3…and the towed gun is on thin ice.

The terrain is the other big part.  TV station needs the broadcast tower assembled, then I have some more blocks of ruins to paint, and a bunch of intact urban to build.

Hopefully something stirred some interest for somebody.

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