Look into my eyes…

Sorry, no commentary on Bryan Adams songs. Well maybe.

I have a few finished HOTT models to showcase. For starters a Lurker element for the Fantasy Army. Not extras from the Kevin Costner film…


The archer and hobbit are both Games Workshop Lord of the Rings models.  The detail I am most proud of is the error I made.  All the other fantasy elements were based on a fine sand with no large rocks.  I didn’t realize this until after I had painted these guys.  So, I flocked to cover most of it and then repainted the larger rocks to be…well rocks.  Now the unarmed hobbit looks like he is ready to attack instead of squatting in the bushes.

The biggest model for this army has to be the gorgon.  Previously shown unpainted, now in all her glory.  Don’t look too closely, I can’t be held accountable for paralysis, petrification, or comments on my poor quality speed painting.


The gorgon will act as Artillery, since I figure a creature that can kill with a glance definitely has some ranged potential. Plus, since artillery fight at no handicap in melee (unlike DBA) it is still a vicious melee fighter. Fragile? Sure, but then any bit of shiny mental could spell her doom, of so I have been led to believe.

The FUBAR 6mm project still continues.  After sitting half painted on my painting table for several weeks I can now unveil Orange Platoon.  The next post will have some pretty eye-candy with both terrain AND the Colonial Marines laid out.


All FUBAR models are CinC Miniatures products: Vehicles are Renegade Legion models and all infantry are Solar Empire Marines.

Up next: mine counters and more Feline soldiers.  Maybe the HOTT Melnibone Army, since now Elric is painted…at least to an across the table in a dark room standard.


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