After Action Report

Tonight I brought FUBAR down to the Edmonton Wargaming Group night to see if the new additions and tweaks to forces could be tested.

The night resulted in some excellent play.  Sadly lack of forethought left me with only a phone for some questionable quality pictures.

Both the Strays and Felines were played by the same player as the Feline forces lacked numbers to be able to field an independent force.


Early on there was some tentative movement as the Colonial Marine players shuffled towards the infrastructure objectives.  Little did they realize, but the Feline player had the same objective.  If the Dogs had hesitated even one more turn the Cats would have secured an unopposed win.  Had dice been more in the favor of the Cats or less kind to the Dogs it would have been a forgone conclusion.  The platoon command bonus helped the Dogs: as long as the platoon commander lives, all units in that platoon gain a +1 bonus to activation.


As three squads of dogs move in to capture the Water Treatment facility, a squad of SPRCs moves to occupy with the Feline Protection Pride.  In depth a squad of Striders provided fire support.  The bridge is contested by a single squad of Colonial Marines squared off across the river from an elite Infiltrator Pride.  Despite massed firepower, the infiltrators suffered no casualties.  And, after suffering a direct artillery barrage and numerous attacks by a Frame Squad the Orange Platoon, White AILV lost the coaxial light laser…so whatever is in the river water needs to be bottled and sold.


The Dogs squared off…


Lined up…


And swarmed the Water Treatment plant.  Eventually a marine squad wavered, but the SPRCs were threatened and the Protector Pride destroyed.


After the following couple turns of small arms fire and the lucky/skilled (matter of opinion) destruction of an AILV across the river, the game was called on time.  The Felines had Achieved the Objective (lowest tier of success) by securing the Nuclear Power plant unopposed.  Both the Water Treatment Plant and Bridge were contested.

The Felines won the battle, but only just.

I would say the platoon modifier worked very well.  An additional leadership rule will apply to both the Felines and Colonial Marines.  A Force Commander will be able to apply a +1 to the activation rolls of up to two units after he activates.  This will enable the Colonial Marine player to give a bonus to key units (aircraft or tank platoon both suffered badly for lack of a platoon leader) at a key time.  This will also allow the Felines to have influence on a couple of activations, but not the widely effective bonus platoon commanders convey.

I think the next game will require either fewer Strays supporting the Felines, or more Cats and a 3-way battle.

Waiting for some paint is the towed Feline anti-tank gun, the Feline Lion Tank Pride (might be a bit too powerful) and the Colonial Marine echelon.  The Feline mortar pride still needs a couple more mortar tubes to be converted, but the Felines are on the home stretch.  The Colonial Marines need a platoon complete to be finished.

I am thinking I need some more Feline infantry and I might get a few odds and sods for the Colonial Marines and Strays too.  My wallet senses a Weight Watchers moment* in the future.

*Weight Watchers is a registered trademark.  Weight Watchers is not recommended for all wallets, coin purses or chequing accounts.  Professional advice from your local game store is suggested before entering into any financial weight loss program as their advice can ensure you lose the most.


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