Running Resupply

The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy so miniatures had to take a back seat.

So after a bit of hiatus, I have a couple of new units to unveil.

First, the Colonial Marine Echelon.  This is a unit I see as vitally important.  Not only does it provide the soft under-belly that closely follows a fast and mobile combat team, it also provides immediate support.

Providing lift for the men and materiel is the Heavy Logistic Hover (Helo).  Being no more than a green civilian truck these are vulnerable to small arms.  Each Helo can carry two men and supplies.  Eventually they will have a Hive APC to support and provide more lift for pers (I intend to include a couple of technician miniatures who are the repair guys).

White EchelonWhite HLH

Miniatures: Infantry are all PFC-CinC Solar Empire Marines, the Helo is a PFC-CinC Medium Cargo G.E.V. from the Science Fiction range.

In game terms, the echelon can resupply single shot weapons (the missiles on the Hornet Hover Tanks) and repair vehicles.  Also, as a large unit that won’t be dedicated to front line combat, it can be held as a reserve to secure objectives while the bulk of the force moves on.

In both historical and contemporary contexts the echelon is the lifeblood of any deployed unit.  Besides giving bullets, it also gives beans and fresh soldiers.  So this is what keeps the army rolling.  That being said, it will be one of the Strays objectives.

Instead of the close-up pics used for the data card, I’ve included a shot of the echelon complete:

Echelon Complete

Sniper Detachment:

Brown Sniper

Very tough to see the details on this one, but not because the models are poorly sculpted.  These Colonial Marines are lying prone with the spotter holding binos and the sniper having his rifle scope against his helmet.  Unfortunately once the base is flocked they tend to blend into the ground entirely.  The sunlight wash-out doesn’t help either.  Also PFC-CinC Solar Empire Marines.

In game terms these will be infiltrators that are not deployed until activated.  They can only be deployed in an unoccupied terrain piece.  Tactically the player can opt to keep them On Guard instead of deploying them.  Although elite, as a two soldier unit (and one carrying only a pistol) they are likely to get wiped out unless used to pin a unit in place or support a fire-fight already underway.

The Felines are starting to get some of their heavy support.

Yellow LynxYellow TAC2

The Lynx Anti-Tank Gun provides quite the punch.  Although less powerful than either the off-board artillery or Lion tanks, these little guns can bring in a fair amount of boom.  It is not self-propelled and relies on the Tactical Armoured Carrier 2 (TAC2) for mobility.  These can be used as APCs but for the most part they will be towing guns.

The anti-tank gun is a Battle Front 15mm Soviet Anti-tank gun I had lying around.  I don’t know the exact model, but it was a door knocker of some sort.  In contrast, with the (giant) 6mm miniatures it looks like an imposing cannon.  The crew are PFC-CinC Felinoids, and the TAC2 is a PFC-CinC Armored Infantry Vehicle (tracked) from the Science Fiction range.

In game terms, a towed gun cannot fire on the turn it moves.  It can still pivot freely.  I have simplified the whole process for limbering, siting, and un-limbering the gun as it would simply be unruly.  Imagine for a moment needing to spend an activation to hitch the gun (no firing), a turn moving (no firing), a turn unhitching/siting (no firing and combining a bit) only to have the potential targets long gone.  I figure the exception is justified for a few reasons.  First, the cats are close to 10′ tall and obviously very strong.  Second, it’s a unit based game and such finite management would slow things down (in the above example remember each turn requires a successful activation which is not guaranteed).

To wrap up the post here is a picture of all the models in a little display:

Echelon Resupply

Can’t see the Cats?  Maybe this will help:

Echelon target

I hope something here inspired somebody.  Next post might have the elusive HoTT Melnibone army.  But, since it is a few weeks until May Day it will likely feature the last Colonial Marine and Cat units.  Just one Platoon of Marines, and 1 tank platoon and 3 small cat infantry units.


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