…well you get the idea.  This is a big update for the Felinoids.  In the last rush I have all their units finished and their mine markers got some camera time too.

Brown Pride

A typical small unit of infantry, called Prides.  After all the special infantry already holding objectives, these 3 small units finish off the infantry component.  PFC-CinC Miniatures – Solar Empire Marines Felinoids.

The pride and joy of the cats has to be their armour.  Although they have very little in the way of tank assets, their tanks are the best.

Blue Lion 3Blue Lion 2Blue Lion 1

The miniature is a PFC-CinC Miniatures THK MIV Tank Hunter from the  Science Fiction range.  I think it is supposed to be a tank destroyer but the turret looks very sharp rotated.

The Lion Tanks provide a punch unlike any other unit in the game.  They are the only Cat unit to start off the board, and with good reason.  Once this Troop of 4 tanks is in a good place, it could easily dominate the battlefield.  Fortunately the Marines have airstrikes and A LOT of anti-armour weaponry.

Lion Card

For scale reference the Orange Pride is moving as intimate support with the tanks.

Mixed 2Mixed 1

The mine markers do provide a nice visual marker for the Scorched Earth mission objective.

Achtung MinenWhite and Mines

The large mines in the foreground are from Games Workshop Battlefleet Gothic Space Mines.  I got into the game as soon as it was released and got a bunch for free.  Never used them, or the torpedoes, until I started building this stuff.

The smaller anti-personnel mines are actually thin card I took a hole-punch too.  Partially cover with sand and flock…presto.  Waaaay too big for 6mm scale but each marker is a visual reminder that a 12cmx12cm area is mined.  They may be the right scale for 15mm, but if double layered to give more detail they may work for 28mm.

So that puts the Cats to a finished stage for the May Day game next weekend.  The Colonial Marines are at the 99% stage – one platoon needs detailing and the Platoon markers painted onto the base edges – Green Platoon, I think.

Sadly the nice little extras I ordered in hope they would be there in  time for the May Day event didn’t arrive.  So, the next time I run the game it will be a different locale, maybe pastoral, with the odds and sods added in.

Hopefully something inspired somebody today.  The next post will likely be pictures of the event at May Day, and the camera and tripod will make the trip to make sure I get better than phone pictures to show-off the battle.


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