Finishing touches

Although I didn’t get all the bells and whistles in the mail in time, got everything else finished for MayDay this weekend.

I have tried something new and I’m not 100% on which way is better.

Here is the old way I did an infantry squad and transport:

Squad and Transport 1

Each card only depicts what it represents.  Seems fairly straight-forward to me.  Downside is sometimes it isn’t always clear that they all function as one unit.

What I tried with my last platoon was this:

Squad and Transport 2

Exact same unit stats if you are curious.  What I did was put the represented portion in the foreground (infantry in the top picture) and the other model(s) in the background (AILV in the top picture).  What I have seen done by other FUBAR players (Bruce) is a single card with the details of the whole unit laid out.

From a playability perspective, I was hoping to be able to field mechanized infantry as basic infantry without needing to do new cards.  So if, for example, Orange Platoon, Black Squad will be a dismounted unit I can just use the infantry card.  However, I am also realizing that most of the times I am going to be fielding these guys it will be as mechanized infantry.  Really the only balance they have is their combined weapons: the above squads you will notice only have anti-tank assets in the vehicle weapons.

I also managed to get the Strays mission cards done.  Something totally different, as their missions rely on a very small force attempting to stay under the radar.

Strays Mission 5

Strays Mission 4

Strays Mission 3

Strays Mission 2

Strays Mission 1

To those paying attention, yes that is Hello Kitty.  Again, all artwork that is not mine is used without permission.  The Strays have been using the KT-TV (Kitty TV) Station and broadcasts satellites to house their virtual world and the uploaded personas.  So not only will they have a KT-TV news truck as a “command” element, but the intact terrain will have KT-TV billboards and signs.  Advertising everything from Alpha Squad (BJ Barracus now played by a Felinoid) to KT-TV News (Watch us watch you!) the billboards will be my bit of humour on the battlefield.

The most difficult mission will be the capturing of vehicles.  While a successful and lucky player will grow like a mechanical horde of zombies, most players will quickly realize that tanks and APCs don’t like getting assaulted.  The capture and upload of software for the power plant will likely pit the Strays directly against the Cats – very bad day to be a Stray.

Next post should have lots of nice pictures of May Day and little lead soldiers.

Hope something here inspired somebody.


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