May Day Games Day

Long and busy day, but finally came and passed.

There was quite the turn-out with games ranging from Warhammer 40k to Pirates to a Vietnam game dense with foliage across a 12′ x 4′ table.

Ambush Alley 1 Ambush Alley 2

Chen-song was hosting a game of Ambush Alley set in the near future.  A private security contractor firm was escorting cargo through insurgent occupied areas.  These were some of the best 1/72 scale models I have seen.  The minor conversions and effective paint scheme turned artillery tractors, contemporary armoured cars, some SOF soldiers and even a few French resistance fighters into a sci-fi mercenary outfit.

The insurgents were out of the box insurgents…ranging from French resistance to Chechnians to Taliban.

Ambush Alley - Insurgents 2 Ambush Alley - Insurgents 1

The models were a variety of manufacturers but mostly Caeser.

If you haven’t played this game before, I recommend it.  Fairly quick and fast it makes the asymmetrical warfare abstract.  Insurgents have “hotspots” where reinforcements may appear, meaning anything from teeming bug-like hordes to an apartment building filled with irregulars can be represented.  The quality of troops is based on the type of dice rolled, meaning that better quality troops increase the odds of success without changing the numbers drastically.  Of note, many effects can reduce quality such as pinned or suppression, dropping the combat effectiveness as fatigue sets in.

Ambush Alley 3

A shot from the objective of the convoy.  Whoops, looks like the auto-pilot made a wrong turn.

Ambush Alley 4

After one vehicle was destroyed, insurgents sprinted into the street to seize the trucks.

Ambush Alley 5

Even suppressed, the Swords for Hire outclass the insurgents and cut down the over-eager swarm.

Ambush Alley 6

Near the end of the game.  A few more turns happened, but the insurgents swarmed the mercenaries and gradually forced them back.  At the building marking the objective exit no less than 30 insurgents had set-up shop selling IEDs and souvenirs.  The key to victory for the insurgents was the numerous IEDs.  While simplified and abstracted, it allowed an area of effect attack to be revealed by any unit.  Naturally there was a limited number.

DBA - Spartacus DBA - Carthaginian

Later in the day I borrowed an Ancient Brittons army from Dennis to play some DBA.  Pictured are the games against the Spartacus Revolt and Carthaginians.  I also played against Ancient Spanish, and that was a lop-sided battle.  Not pictured: my crushing defeat.  Very stiff competition and an interesting concept: each player was restricted to only using Enemies of Rome.  At the end of the day I feel confident in saying Rome won.

The last event of the day I was involved in was FUBAR.FUBAR 2FUBAR 3

Not many pictures turned out well, but the two above clearly show a turning point in the game.  The Cats had held all 3 Tactical Objectives after assaulting the Colonial Marine Sniper Detachment.  Above you see the Black Infiltrator Pride.

Two Colonial Marine Squads?  Pshaw.

A full Platoon and Tank Platoon?  Ok, let me call a friend option.  Oh, I guess artillery is on coffee break.

Despite several turns of all but ignoring the withering fire, the Colonial Marines eventually obliterated the Felines in the building.  In fact, they killed them and moved in close enough to contest the building just in time to prevent a Feline win.

The game ended in a draw following an end of time.

Of note, both players were asked how they would appreciate the new proposed changes of Ultra FUBAR for activation, and seemed pretty happy.  Unfortunately I realized I explained it wrong and missed a couple details.  But when I thought about it some more, they may actually be simpler and better options.

Time will tell.  But with some terrain quickly and easily painted up and some new troops in the mail I may have a chance to play pitched battles with peer forces instead of the 3-way cluster this way played out.

I also realized that for bigger games, unit bases will probably be better.  I am going to quickly draw and build a few to try out.  I figure it will speed-up turns but having the figs removable will allow cool occupation of terrain or easy removal of casualties.

The auction at the event did give me a few figures that will eventually form the basis of the pulp rules-set I have been toying with.

But first comes some Austrian Napoleonic cavalry and the super-secret now past due project.

Hope something was inspirational here.


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