More Ultra FUBAR

I had a few minutes with my keyboard so I hammered out the Ultra FUBAR rules I have been using into a single page document.  I claim no credit for  these rules, I simply drafted what others wrote into a single page.

Ultra FUBAR 6mm

I did also get a few miniatures in the mail these past few weeks.  While I was assembling some Napoleonics I took a few extra minutes to put together the new shiny toys.


A Dragonfly Gunship from Microworld Games.  I bought a pack of these and they will be a hover vehicle for the new army I am designing.  8 missiles, 2 rocket pods and a chin-mounted chaingun…this is a vehicle that challenges that comment I made previously about no vehicle I own having too many weapons.


TEF infantry, also from Microworld Games.  They look fantastic and have a very unique style of armour.  Hydraulic tubes or mechanized leg supports are evident even at this scale.  My concern is that the heads are lacking a bit of detail.  The side by side of a PFC-CinC Solar Empire Marine shows they are realistically proportioned but are smaller than the marines.  The head blanks and smaller size could be an issue for some.  My solution – they aren’t humans.


A Cargo Helicopter by Dark Realm Miniatures (from the Pax Arcadia line) looked so much like a landing craft I bought them to convert.  I clipped off the rotor mount and decided I was done.  I had intended to add large engines, but it looks good as is.  So this will be an aircraft transport…and I realized the aircraft rules I wrote need an addition to cover paratroopers or touchdowns to drop off cargo/troops.  So I quickly hammered out both and this baby can do both.  It will also feature in several scenarios for objectives (dropping cargo, etc).


Israeli Defense Force Namer IFV by GHQ Miniatures.  I thought this looked futuristic enough and with that heavy armour gave me a different idea for the force.  The infantry will be the heavy hitters in this force with vehicles being exclusively for speed and survivability.  This vehicle mounts an automatic grenade launcher and 7.62mm machinegun so can’t handle much more than light vehicles in the real world, and I kept the same profile.


And French VAB-VCI (4×4) by GHQ Miniatures provided me some light transport with even lighter guns.  So these will act as a light battle-taxi.  The lines and design seems pretty sci-fi to me, and the lack of media coverage of the French military (at least here) means the vehicle will be unfamiliar to the casual observer.


With German Fennek Reconnaissance vehicles by GHQ Miniatures providing forward eyes and target spotting.  Anybody who sees these says they look like they are from a movie…so definitely a given for a futuristic vehicle.


A group shot show-casing all the new model types.  The force will be a conventional army but will rely on the infantry for most of the firepower (especially anti-vehicle).  The gunships will pack a huge arsenal, but will be very light so prone to getting blown up.

I plan to have these as an alien race from an inter-galactic mega-corp.  They will revolve around technology and supporting arms.  The missile launchers, for instance, will gain benefits to hit targets designated by the recce vehicles.  With different styles of play, I think they could face the Colonial Marine forces I have done up in a straight toe-to-toe fight.

But, that will have to wait.  I am undecided on if I want a desert camouflage pattern or a black digital style with blue and purple highlights.  Sounds bizarre but I can test paint without having to strip if I don’t like it.  These don’t get even a lick of paint until I have some Austrian Cavalry fully painted.

I hope something here inspired somebody.  Please test out the Ultra FUBAR rules, and check out the FUBAR forums to join in the discussion to shape this revised game system.

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