HOTT Melnibone Army

The title says it all.

Not a great showcase of my skill but a definite example of speed-painting.

Most of the figures are by Games Workshop, most from the Easterling line of Lord of the Rings, but a few from Warhammer and Mordheim.


The front and back of my army stronghold.  Really not much more than  a camp.  The tents are cardboard covered with cotton.  The patchy paint was difficult to achieve but gave the effect of canvas and the obvious lines to demark stitching.  Since the fantasy stronghold is still not finished, this does double duty for the other HOTT army.


Blade and shooters.  Two units of each in the army, nothing too special.


Spears (including spear general) and knights.  Again, two seems to be the trend for units.


Behemoth.  This is the only model that is not Games Workshop…although I don’t know who made it.  I think it was Reaper.  The body was terrible, so I cut off the shoulders joint and cut the tail on an angle and viola…hydra tunneling to battle.  Very impressive…but not so effective.


Wizard.  He stands on a simple set of stairs made from foam core and patience.


My Elric.  Not flashy or fantastic, but more in line with how I see him.  Black cloak, black blade, and pallid skin with white hair.  Still have yet to use him in game, but he is based for use as either a hero or paladin.  I personally prefer hero, but paladin is relevant too: anti-magic and never the general seems to define him quite well.

So where are the dragons?  Unpainted and dusty.  After playing a few games I quickly realized that the dragon is very expensive and could never be in an army with a wizard.  And I would drop the behemoth too for more units.  The problem is I built this army out of what I had, and that means some high points models.  After playing games I would say the blade and spear are my backbone.  The knights provide punch and secure a flank and the shooters give me the only backbone I have in cover.  Notice how the flashy units didn’t get mentioned?

Behemoths are very effective but risky if hit on off angles or drawn out of your lines…they get pushed back and start stomping your own units.  Wizards can do some devastating damage…and in one game I lured my warband heavy opponent out of cover by repeatedly blasting him…but the wizard takes so many AP to move and shoot he normally secures a flank with the shooters and my infantry fight the war.

Not a fantastic post but one I have been promising to put up.

Next update will likely be showing off some Austrian Napoleonic Cavalry before they get handed over.  The super-secret project is almost at stage 2…but I need to build the diorama base and individual bases first.  As a teaser, it is also Napoleonic and a bit sharpe.

I hope something here inspired somebody.


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2 responses to “HOTT Melnibone Army”

  1. Harry Lime says :

    So does this diorama involve eagle and desperate last stand to prevent the enemy from taking it?

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