All Quiet on the Western Front

No, not a post about WWI or Germans.  Instead, it is a state of my current hobby status right now.

First work took a lot of my time and now I am in the midst of a move.  So hobbies have taken a sideline.  The very sharp Napoleonic project is still delayed, more of a idle evenings in the new house kind of project…so likely March I am thinking.


I did pick up a couple of sets of Ascension.  If you are not familiar with the game, it is a card based-board game.  It has a very nice feel in that you develop and build your deck (with all cards included) during the course of the game.  I personally like how it balances randomness with skill.


I picked up Storm of Souls, a stand-alone version for up to 4 players.  In this version you try to clean up the mess left after a war in Heaven with the god of death AWOL.


I also picked up Immortal Heroes.  What I like about Ascension is how expansions work.  Immortal Heroes is a 5-6 player expansion AND a 2 player stand-alone game.  A friend introduced me to Ascension and one expansion (the names escape me) and since then Domestic Niner has been bugging me to get it.  So as a moving gift, it was hers.  Good way to pass evenings in the hotel when there are kids in the next room.

As a brief run-down of game play, each player starts the game with the same stock 10 cards to build their “deck”.  Over the course of the game a central area introduces new heroes to recruit, monsters to slay, and strange artifacts to acquire.  In addition there are always available low grade heroes to recruit and weak monsters always available to fight.  There is also the occasional event that modifies effects.  Each monster slain and most heroes give you honour (the points currency of the game).  While killing monsters gives an instant point advantage, heroes only count at the end of the game.

The basic mechanic is based on mystical currency to buy heroes/artifacts and might to slay monsters.  When a hero is played from your hand they provide an effect – normally granting mystical currency or might sometimes both, sometimes other effects.  When a hero is purchased instead of going into your hand, the hero is put into your personal discard pile.  Once your “deck” runs out of cards you shuffle the discards and draw from that.

Game play is very quick and simple with the average game running 30-45 minutes.  Luck can be a factor with a bad shuffle in that some draws will be monster heavy and others hero heavy.  So a deck built for one type will succeed or fail compared to a balanced deck.  That is about the only failing I find.

Not a lot of miniature for now.  The upcoming projects are more 6mm FUBAR, 28mm FUBAR, Confrontation miniatures (gorgeous models I have been putting off because of the attention each model requires) and DBA/HOTT armies.

On the DBA front, I have some Early Imperial Romans who have sadly watched not 1, not 2, but 5 projects get painted before them.  I bet they thought getting posted to Britannia would be exciting.  I may wait until I get their opponents purchased and assembled before they get any more time.  I am fairly certain they may get some painting time in the future, if nothing else because they will paint up fairly quickly.

I hope at least something here inspired somebody.  Happy painting.

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