New Base of Operations

Well the move went alright, in so much that only 4 items were broken. Still waiting to hear the movers side of it, but I’m sure that will be an angry rant for another day.  I am certain I will at least get some money back for replacing the damaged items.

But, with the new place I do actually have something that is a bit of a novelty since having kids: a dedicated workspace for hobbies.

Work Area

Not the best by some standards but I have all my books and computer for easy access, my miniatures drawers in easy access (only a few are pictured here), and of course beer.  No bar fridge or coffee maker here…I’m pretty sure they would be the same as requesting a divorce.

But what is that mound of plastic I’m sure you are curious.  Definitely not the usual 6mm fare I post.

Mound of Sprues

Right before I packed for the move I was browsing through the web and saw Wargames Factory had sprues of their Persians on sale for very cheap.  I discussed it with the wife since it was an unplanned expense and she came back asking me for her own unplanned purchase.  Score.

So I quickly checked the Early Achaemenid Persian list and realized I would need maybe 5 sprues for the Persian contingent of an army.

But I would pay more for shipping than the models.  That had me thinking.  I eventually wanted to do a Greek DBA army.  They could face Galatians as a viable force, and the purchases for an Ancient Britons army could let me play Galatians.  Sure, the Greeks could also face the Romans but that is a bit historically inaccurate.  So an army I wanted just because they look cool (actually two Greek armies so they could face each other) now has their stereotypical opponent.

So they could be viable.  So I crunched the numbers and realized that getting 24 sprues, a box of Persian cavalry and a box of Numidians to convert would give me 2 complete Early Achaemenid Persian armies – coincidentally the number of Greek armies I wanted to do.

I have made a bit of a dent in those models:


Of the eventual 8, here are three units of sparabara (8 Bow in DBA).  I gave them all a bit of character with varying positions of the shield and ranking to give some diversity.


The first unit of cavalry I completed.  A few minor conversions including Numidian parts, but still keeping the overall Persian appearance.

Allied Forces

Left to Right: Bow, Horde, Spear.  Front Row: Psiloi.

I tried to mix these up so they all have a varied appearance.  I am trying to capture the army of the empire look without going into the realm of silliness that is 300.  Once a bit of paint is applied they will definitely appear different with varied dress and skin colour.

For those wondering, I am using the DBA 2.2 list I/60 (a):

1×3 Cav (General), 1×3 Cav, 1×2 Light Horse, 4×8 Bow, 1×3 Bow, 1×3 Auxiliaries, 1×2  Psiloi or 4 Spear, 1×2 Psiloi, and 1×7 Horde.

This is the army that fought Thermopylae.  To field the later war army – I/60 (c) – I am short 2×3 Bow and 2×3 Auxiliaries to be able to field all the options of that army.  I cannot find a cheap chariot so I have opted out of that option for the General.

This doesn’t mean everything is roses on the miniature front.  I have not fully unpacked my miniatures and I am certain there is damage.  After peaking at the HOTT fantasy army, I see that I need to re-attached a few models to their bases.  The Romans came out with a few bent spears which I quickly fixed.  I am certain other damage has occurred.  The coming months will reveal how much repair work is needed.

So while nowhere near a fair fight, I may end up painting the Persians and Early Imperial Romans in close succession.  Maybe that might mean the Ancient Britons and Greeks actually get ordered sooner.

I hope something here captured some imagination.

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