How to Make Things Happen

In looking back at my previous posts I have shown off work, but never gone stage by stage before. So today my fine readers, you are in luck as I will walk you through step-by-step in my nefarious projects. Sadly the stage by stage for another concurrent project did not get the same treatment so it will just be a couple of before and after painting pics.

But enough pre-amble. For those of you who find 40k abhorrent, you have been forewarned. Today we will learn how to turn these two things into Slaanesh Chaos Space Marine bikes and a unit of Chosen (elite nut-jobs for those unaware).


The nice thing about the Chaos armies in Gamesworkshop’s settings is that there is very little adherence to structured rules. As long as both you and your opponents know what it is, you are good to go.

To start off with, collect the bits you will use, to make one Chosen model and one bike rider.  The cavalry rider will be cut in half: his torso will go to the foot soldier, his legs to the biker.  His ex-wife got all the other parts in the messy divorce.  Ok, enough lame jokes, here are a few pics:


A few pieces are missing but you get the general idea.  Note the two bolters for the biker…those will become his combi-bolter.


Here is the biker with the legs, filed bolters and various other hack-jobs complete.  I cut the hand from his left arm and filed it flat to take the shield.  A key stage I have seen others overlook on Chaos kits is the choice of shoulder pads.  With all the spikes and blades and other nasty bits, you need to dry fit to make sure they don’t interfere.


Here is the Chosen.  Notice the pin hole in the torso, it has a mate on the legs.  I also opted for a bare pistol arm so I kept a funky demon handle for the bolt pistol.  Sadly it makes it look like he is drunk or too weak to aim it right.  Meh, he is a close combat guy anyways.


Imagine the missing steps.  I have used green stuff to cover the join and sculpted a fur skirt/kilt.  All the rage this season with sociopaths.  Note, if you do see a bare-chested guy wearing a fur kilt I suggest you run away because he most likely is crazy.  If the cut left a belt on the model it is possible to simply file the legs flat and glue it on.  I have chosen to embellish the chosen quite a bit.


The completed Chosen with his cronies.  The third from the left model in the back row is a similar conversion but notice no green-stuff.  His belt was carefully left intact.  The model on the left has half his belt visible with half a chainmail hauberk…for the whole retro barbarian feel.

The biker is not too difficult.  While the power-armour torso is wider than the hips, the hips fit nicely overtop.  A small amount of green-stuff allows the concave curve of the power-armour torso to rest on the flat join of the legs.  The rest is a simple by the book kit…attach the arms and combi-bolter to the torso, and assemble the demon separately.  I have not glued any of the riders to their “bikes” for a few reasons.  First it will make painting easier.  Second, I may keep them removable (using pins or magnets) for ease of transport.  And finally, if I keep the riders off, I can use the steeds as demons in a demon army.

But enough bluster…


The champion for the bike squad is the last to be done.  He will be quite the center-piece with a lance and his combi-bolter slung on a strap.  I am not sure exactly what else I want to do, but I want to make sure he stands out both in pose and paint-job.  I personally think a unit commander should be unique and stand-out even unpainted.

So there you have it, a how-to guide for some conversions.

Below are a few pics with-out the how to guide, but again it shows what a little creativity, a lot of bits, and some sculpting can accomplish.  Here is a small 5 (thing?) unit of possessed chaos space marines.


The second is a slightly modified old conversion.  This gal was done up 12 years ago.  The fourth was done 12 years ago too, but his spear tip broke in a move and was replaced by a pitchfork…not sure if it makes him more or less dangerous.  The third one will be mounted on a flying stand to make him seem a bit more menacing.  The last is a work in progress.  I used a basic armature with the shape I wanted.  I bulked it out and am slowly adding scales and chitin along the length.

Hopefully something here inspired somebody.  I personally love doing conversion work for the game as any semblance of reality can go out the window and you can just be silly.

Up next, a HOTT (quasi) battle report.  The Persians faced off against the hordes of Narnia…


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