HOTT night in a small town

Last night was a quiet night and the wife wanted to play a miniature game, something we haven’t done in a while.  HOTT is the fastest to set-up with the fewest rules to try to remember so it was a natural choice.

She played her fantasy army while I decided to bring the Early Achaemenid Persians for a spin.  Now, with the conversion to HOTT, the Hordes units count as less points and there are no psiloi.  I know many folks use their psiloi as Shooters in HOTT, but I already had 4 units and I figured that was enough.  So I opted to bring a psiloi as a lurker and steal the hydra to support.  The fantasy army fielded the gorgon model so had a bit of ranged support.


About mid game the Persians moved to try holding the river.  Not pictured: the Sparabara (bow) that got turned to stone by the Gorgon (also not pictured because stone cameras don’t work so well).


After a few clashes in the woods, a unit of Sparabara fell and the woodland spirits (warbands) were in disarray.  The horde and warband stood poised to halt the advance with a rider  and sparabara nearby to support.


A sadly poor quality picture.  The White Lion general (beast) hammers into the warband with woodland spirits charging the horde.  The White Lion reared up to smite the warband…


To be handily cut-down.  The woodland creatures lashed out at the hordes…


Who backed up out of harms way.  In the background the lone psiloi (lurker) stood his ground for several turns against the woodland spirit.  Down a flyer and the general, it was only a matter of time before the fantasy army recognized the inevitable…


…and rallies for several turns cutting down all the Sparabara and forcing the general to support the infantry flank.  By incredibly high dice rolls the handicap of no general seemed not the phase the fantasy army, reminiscent of a certain other story with a dead white lion.



The general crashed into the woodland spirits and fought several intense rounds of melee…to no effect.  A wandering group of peasants (my horde returned after finally being cut-down) actually made it to the fray.


Summarizing the battle to this point, the unicorn (paladin) fought off a hydra (behemoth) with a flanking spearman.  Emboldened by this success, the unicorn charged the hydra, cut-off another head, and realized why young Perseus carried a torch.  In short, the unicorn died after fighting the hydra to a stand-still for 4 turns.


The death of the unicorn was no sure victory.  After the Sparabara were felled, it was only a 8-8 (tied) game.  The hydra swarmed over the riders who had been assaulted by psiloi in the woods (to no effect except camping in the trees for a couple turns).  While the general rallied the cavalry and the horde for a desperate last stand…


Armed with torch and oil the woodland spirits were routed as the hydra realized horses taste almost as good as the riders.  In the top of the picture is barely visible the warband fighting the woodland spirits.  After nearly 12 combats, these two units learned to dance, over-come their differences and went on a book tour.  It is the only logical conclusion: neither was able to decisively defeat the other and even once faced death when a recoil would have resulted in contact with another combat.

All in all I think the Persians may have earned a bump up in priority.  The disjointed dog’s breakfast of an army provided a different approach.

While the lack of duplicate warbands and spear units may hamper the bonuses, it forces a wider formation.  The overall effect is an army expecting the initial defeats that will disorganize the enemy and allow a concerted effort to win.  Had the general-less army continued the streak of unnaturally high command pips I doubt I could have forced the win I did.

The wife did say she would like to see some more armies for some variety so I mentioned the celts (Brittons, Gauls, or Galatians) I was looking to buy, the Greeks, and an undead army I had in mind.  After seeing hordes in action I think it may be a viable army.  Not simply hordes, it will include (anti)clerics, lurkers, and a flyer.  I may include some warbands too, not 100% decided yet.

Overall, a good fun game enjoyed by all.  I hope something inspired somebody.

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