Project Updates and Solvent Abuse

It’s been a while since the last update and I have a few updates.

First I got the “biker” champion finished.


As can be seen he has a shield and a power-spear.  A lot of the visual will come from painting effects.


And to give him a shooting weapon I slung his combi-bolter off the saddle.

I also have indulged my creative side with sketches.


Crudely depicted above is my vision of a command APC.  Rather than a large vehicle, I wanted a bit more of a compact vehicle.

But using a pencil is a bit different than building.  So I did that too.


And this is where the solvents come in…”welding” with a soldering iron and plasticard results in some nasty fumes.


To give a sense of scale, it will be a tight fit.  The driver will have a hatch with episcopes to see (much like modern armour).  There will be a hull mounted gun right beside the driver just like the old WWII tanks.  The main turret will be a Remote Weapon System over both the lower driver/engine compartment area and the command suite.


A bit over-exposed but these show the new APC lifted up to the height the tracks will raise it.  It is beside a Chimera for size comparison.  Overall a bit narrower but much shorter.  Since it is intended to only hold 5 guys, it will be very roomy.

Since I have plans and key measurements I should easily be able to hammer out a few of these.  I see myself building at least 2, maybe 3.

A short post, but hopefully inspirational.

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