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It’s been a busy few weeks with work so a bit delayed in posting.

One thing I have been mulling over lately is how to integrate the odd-ball units.  By odd-ball I mean quite literally Oddball from Kelly’s Heroes.

Let’s take an imaginary tank troop:

13 Troop

So the unit isn’t maybe the best unit out there.  Constantly in trouble, picking fights, and overall the ne’er do wells of the friendly forces.

But…when they buy into a mission and put their heads down they can get results nobody else can because of how tightly they cooperate.

So how do you put this in a game effect?

I’m sure everybody has seen those special units in nearly every game…the one with several pages of unit specific rules.  And invariably the army that includes this unit is based around THAT specific unit with a few hanger-ons.

Now also, not all of these units are necessarily the best.  Not elite, not needing a whole book dedicated to special rules.  I just mean a unit that can accomplish maintenance in a short period because of cooperation and familiarity.  The unit that doesn’t even need to issue orders because they work so closely with each other.  The unit that when the dice fall will knuckle-down and get things done.

So while my hamster runs circles in my brain hopefully this inspired you to paint up or convert that rough around the edges unit, or maybe even graffiti tag your vehicles.

Sunset Tank


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