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Long time updating

For a number of reasons I have been behind on updating.

To start the list we had a water heater burst…and about 2 inches of water in my hobby room as a result. Fortunately most of my model stuff survived unscathed. I say most because a few items got broken while things were jostled about. No big deal.

On the other hand, the flood did reveal some black mold. Not related to the flood but happy coincidence that the flood revealed it. I guess the sump pump out-take was just flooding the basement.

So that explains the long hobby absence, that and spending 7 weeks in the past couple months away for work.

But, enough of that.

First up we have what will be an Imperial Guard Devil Dog tank when I am done.

Actually why not show two?

I am not 100% on the turret base plates. They are just resting on top.  As for the work left, I intend to have quite a large and detailed engine compartment (well from the external view) to reflect the high speed engines.  I intend to also have side skirt armour on frames standing out from the tank.  It will help to make them look different from the other sketches I have and also will hopefully make it look a bit sturdier on the side than the little APC I did.

Now for some figures…



I got some paint on a few figs to go with the APC too.  Here is the sergeant in here ridiculous white thigh-high boots and an engineer with a “demo charge”.  Basically I figured this ammo carrier looks like a guy lugging around a huge bomb.

DSCF6127 DSCF6126

I am most pleased with how the cloth looks faded and dirty.  A bit of dry-brushing and wet-blend during the dry brush to put a bit of mud on the sleeves while doing the fabric.

DSCF6128 DSCF6129

I like how the sergeant turned out with the almost immaculate and clean clothing.  I want her to stand out as she is a squad leader so does need to be clearly visible.  Besides, what sniper would take somebody wearing bright white on a battlefield seriously?  The veteran/leader would be the well concealed folks.  I keep having an issue with her right eye though.  With the highlighting and an errant spot of white on her cheek it looks like she has 3 eyes.  Everytime I cover it up, when the paint dries the cheek is still white.  Sigh.

Neither is based as I am not sure how I want them to look.  Otherwise they just need a few touch-ups.

But, the two in the background are nowhere near done yet.  I have done their cloaks completely.  I have also basically blocked out the main clothing and armour colours for now.  When I get a chance, they will get finished.

DSCF6130 DSCF6131

The green cloak has the same faded technique I used for the demo charge trooper.  The cam pattern is based on the technique I use for horses and other animal patterns.  It does look like a faded pattern but I am not 100% happy yet.  Maybe a gentle dusting of grey might finish it.

Finally, a couple of pics of the painted APC.  Sadly it took some damage after the flood.  The right track guard broke off.  When I get a chance I will fix it.

DSCF6134 DSCF6135

Overall I am happy with the effect and appearance.  I kept the intake clean and the exhaust dirty…but this is probably the cleanest tank I have ever seen.

A long and varied post this time.  But hopefully something here inspired you.