2013 in Review

I know I am a bit late in putting my New Years post up.

Normally, most of these posts end up reading as a review of the past year, but I decided to go a different way.

2013 in Review

2014 and Future Plans

When I first set this blog up it was to motivate me on projects, something I was reminded of as I was moving my 6mm guys around recently and I realized there is still work to be done.

That being said, below are the bare minimum goals I am setting for 2014:

  • Finish the 6mm FUBAR armies I have started (that means a few additional units for each of the 3 armies)

Echelon target  Stray Forces

  • Start and finish my 4th FUBAR army – the Ramiro Corporation


  • Paint at least one HOTT/DBA army (Early Imperial Romans, Achaemenid Persians or some mystery army TBD)


  • Finish the two Devil Dog tanks (some projects have a habit of sitting half completed)


  • Paint at least 500 points of Confrontation models

Not lofty goals and I am certain other projects will come up as well that will be done.  I have realized that my new job keeps me very busy for short spurts and leaves me lots of spare time in between.  Unfortunately it looks like one of those busy spots will be during May Day 2014 so I will have to miss that.  Sadly that means my plans for a new FUBAR game at 28mm will be side-lined for the time being.

Hopefully this inspires somebody to create their own hobby to do list or, God forbid, a chores or self-improvement list.


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