Ramiro Corporation in 6mm

The galaxy can be a threatening and dangerous place. Fortunately for you, consumer, Ramiro Corporation has expanded services to include personal protection and stability creation.

Ramiro Corp

That is actually original art I created a few weekends ago when I was bored.  But, it will fulfill the fancy watermark for all the mission sheets that I draft for the new faction I developed for FUBAR.

I opted to try something outside of my original plans.  I went for a mottled green with a light green with daubing on of heavy green.  My pictures are a bit over-exposed and the green contrast is lost.  At least the brown stripes are still visible.  Eventually I will figure out the right lighting for 6mm with my new set-up.

I went for the same green patterns for the infantry but left out the brown.  This was a two-fold decision.  First, stripes I could paint would be out of scale to match the vehicle pattern.  Second, I think it is tough to do stripes on smaller scale infantry without it looking silly.  I have seen enough Epic 40k armies that look like a photo-shopped pattern brush was used and even some 15mm that looked off.

Fresh off the painting bench I bring you the Hopper.

DSCF6142 DSCF6140

The Hopper is a heavy lift vehicle capable of short hauls out to orbit or in space.  This started as a Dark Realm Miniatures Pax Arcadia Cargo Helicopter.  I chopped the rotor pin and filed it smooth for a heavy frog like landing craft.  In game this will function as aircraft with the ability to drop troops as paratroopers or to touch-down to land troops or cargo.

I see these will get extra use in at least two missions: one will have this and it’s partner stand in for a series of cargo drops and the other will have this replace all the other transports and force the player to deploy an entirely airborne force (minus a small recce contingent).

Pictured with an airborne troop.

DSCF6147 DSCF6143

Infantry are Microworld Games TEF infantry.  I gushed about them on an earlier post.  As you can see the details are crisp except for the smooth round heads.

But some contemporary armour entered the field as well.

DSCF6151 DSCF6150

A  GHQ Miniatures French VAB-VCI (4×4) has been repurposed as the Medium Utility Vehicle.  I have given it a troop capacity of only 4 (I know they cram way more guys and kit into them) and as a result some squads will actually have two APCs.  I figure it is fine enough.

DSCF6154 DSCF6153

A GHQ Miniatures German Fennek has been re-designated as the Recce Mk5 vehicle.  I notice I was a bit sloppy on the windows and in looking at both of these wheeled vehicles I see I forgot to flock and paint the wheel hubs.  A bit of touch-up for me I guess.


This wheeled vehicle will function as a spotter vehicle.  It has a very light weapon system (maybe hurt another vehicle/infantry if you get lucky) but it has a target designator function.  This will allow it to mark a target for missile equipped troops to cause harm.  While the remaining 4 will be broken into two patrols, I figured the first patrol to get painted would be a mixed arms one.  Below are the data sheets I did up for both this patrol and the airborne troop.

Ramiro Corp Heavy Recce

Airborne Troop

A little dent in my painting goal for the year, I now have my first units done for the new faction.  Also painted (but not pictured) are two more vehicles and technicians to expand the echelon for the Dogs.

Hopefully something here inspired you today.  If nothing else, I urge you to shop at Ramiro Corp subsidiaries.  Ramiro Corp, now equipped and licensed to literally blow away the competition.


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