Hordes without number…

Ok, maybe that is a bit of exaggeration, but I have been able to chip away at a couple of more units despite being busy with work and kids these past couple weeks.

DSCF6258 DSCF6259

Still needing a bit of touch-up, the first sparabara now has the Immortals to stand beside.  I am thinking I might go back and do a wash of the flesh to make it pop a bit more.  From more than arm’s length, I think they look good.  Miniatures Wargames Factory Persians.


And here is the first psiloi finished.

Also Wargames Factory miniatures, these were out of the box Numidians.

DSCF6262 DSCF6264

Now before anybody jumps the old argument that Numidians were not black, I am using this kit to reflect the other N-word: Nubians.  Or to be more precise: Meriotic Kush.  The yellow/orange fabric and iron spear-tips give that away.  While they paid tribute to the Persians and did ally with them, Meriotic Kush was independent of the Persians.  Plus it gives me a chance to diversify the army and give the varied look and feel I want.

I know most models of the Kushites show “savage barbarians” in fur loin-cloths but I am not convinced that is accurate.  Archeology points to a culture based on trade and that was very wealthy due to exchange of rare commodities including iron.  But that will likely be a more in-depth rant at a later date: I intend to collect a Meriotic Kush army once I decide on the models to use.  The Perry Madhist Revolt have my eye more than the Warlord Games Kushite miniatures.  And of course Aventine elephants are just amazing.  In the end I am certain I will use a bit of everything, including the always useful Wargames Factory Numidian range.

Hopefully something here inspired you today, if nothing else a chance to browse for information on historical cultures.


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