Random Pictures

After a review of my miniatures with one of the wife’s friend’s the other day, I realized I don’t have very many pictures of some of my better work.

Without digging around too much, I present some of my favorite miniatures and the reasons why.

Rackham Cynwall Azure Hunter

Rackham Cynwall Azure Hunter


Cynwall Azure Hunter

Cynwall Azure Hunter

Ages ago now it seems, I played Confrontation on a regular basis.  My wife started playing too and seemed to really like the Cynwall army I had.  I added a few more figures to give her a bit of diversity.  Since she was playing with the largely unpainted army, I gave her the chance to choose the colours.  She wanted black and red, so this was the first test on the scheme.

Very simple but contrasting.

Rackham Drune Kelt Archer

Rackham Drune Kelt Archer

Rackham Drune Kelt Archer

Rackham Drune Kelt Archer

Although my goblin army was the one of my favorite armies, the Drunes saw more use.  Mostly because most folks were tired of their heroes being beaten-up by angry samurai Yoda’s, and said they found the Drunes more fun to play.  I like this model as the subtle wet-blending on the flesh came out beautifully.  The dried undead arms provide a nice contrast.  Sadly my photography has lost most of the flesh details.

Rackham Drune Kelt Persecutor

Rackham Drune Kelt Persecutor

Rackham Drune Kelt Persecutor

Rackham Drune Kelt Persecutor

While not as well painted, this fellow (and his two brothers in arms) were the bane of my opponents.  While other models fought better or had nasty tricks to stay alive after otherwise fatal blows, these guys were all around tough and often over-looked as less intimidating.  I am happiest with the hide as I did some blotching and fading reminiscent of an old fur throw we had over my couch as a kid.

DSCF6265 DSCF6268

Now this one is completely different.  Years ago my wife played role-playing games and one of her favorite characters was a lizard ninja.  I decided to make the miniature for her as a birthday gift.

This was converted from a Gamesworkshop lizardman to get the final product.  The lizard has skin folds between the limbs like a flying squirrel, a backpack, and a three-piece rod.  This was one of my first really involved conversions as it included sculpting an arm, adding the ninja wraps (forgive my ignorance on the name for the wrappings), the backpack, the wings, a frilled mane,  matching the scales on the rest of the body, and of course breasts.  I know, if humanoid reptilian critters existed they likely wouldn’t have mammary glands, but it helps identify as a female.

Not a fantastic model, but when people ask what I do with my toy soldiers, this is what she goes for.  In fact, she has told me this was the best gift she has ever received.

Hopefully something here on my memory lane inspired you today.

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2 responses to “Random Pictures”

  1. mistervee2 says :

    You forgot that the rest of your armies deadliest weapon was a cell phone full of contacts of friends with weapons.

  2. Argentbadger says :

    Interesting post. It’s always nice to see a bit of the story behind the miniature, rather than just ‘here is a pretty picture’. The sculpting on the Lizard looks great too, I could easily have believed that it was a stock miniature, perhaps from one of the Ral Partha D&D ranges of my youth.

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