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Dog’s Breakfast

Or, a little bit of everything. A brief update today as I have had little hobby time due to the wedding stuff and the effort to get home back in order. Well worth the effort to have time with the wife away from the kids.

Anyhow, I have made a bit more progress on the Persians. Yes, you did read correctly, I have made some efforts on the last few models for that army.

Wargames Factory Persians.  DBA Light Horse.

Wargames Factory Persians. DBA Light Horse.

I opted for an irregular pose for the light horse. Paired with the dynamic shooting pose I feel it captures the air of a hit and run unit. The horseman in green looks like he lost control of his horse. Oh well.

I do have a new hobby that I was able to start on today. Hirst Arts produces molds to make terrain like Lego. If you aren’t familiar with this company I suggest you check out their site: .

My vibrating table and first mold about to be cast.

My vibrating table and first mold about to be cast.

My cast pieces

My cast pieces

I am using a mixture of concrete powder and plaster of paris to cast my pieces so hopefully they will be stronger than plaster alone. I am finding my first few casts are a bit brittle but as I was more patient in removing them I had some better luck. With trial and error I am sure I will get the hang of it.

Hopefully something inspired you today, despite how brief this update was. Future updates will likely see a combination of my casting and also painting progress on the Persians. The last two units of cavalry have base colours on everything right now, but that is misleading as the horse technique I use takes a lot of time and layers.

Hosercanadian gets married

Short update that explains the absence from my blog.

Today I get married. Yes I’ve called her my wife in the past. The internet is full of lies, dear readers.

Hopefully I will be able to return you to the regularily scheduled programming soon.