Walking Wounded Part Two

Work has kept me busy the past few weeks but I did manage to find some time to do a few things on the Chaos Dreadnought project.

Oblique hull.  Oooh, artistic.

Oblique hull. Oooh, artistic.

As shown above I have started some of the detailing work.  Filling and touch-ups are needed with greenstuff and of course some of the more crazy chaos type icons are outstanding.

Power scourge arm detailed.

Power scourge arm detailed.

Lascannon detailed

Lascannon detailed

Both arms are coming along as well.  The lascannon housing has an ugly looking seam right now, but with some putty it will look very nice I am sure.  The joins between the edging are pretty obvious in this picture, again something a little putty works wonders on.

The power scourge arm will have some detailed articulation added in at the elbow and under the shoulder.  There is an ugly seam/sanding spot on this too that will get some putty TLC.

Propped-up hull

Propped-up hull

Propped up hull with figure for scale

Propped up hull with figure for scale

The leg joins have been crudely shaped out and just need a bit of “welding” and putty details to attach them.  First though, the legs need detailing.  The final parts of structure to be built will be the engine, leg details, feet, and leg armour.

A short update today, but hopefully no less inspirational.  For those who are wondering how easy it is to scratch-build, hopefully this has given you that nudge to give it a whirl.


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