Walking Wounded Part Three

It has been quite a while since I have found time to do hobby stuff.  Between a plague descending on my house and the Christmas activities that make my work pretty much a write-off for December…well I actually had work that needed to be done this December.  Long story short, I haven’t had much time to play with toy soldiers.

Well, I have taken the time to get a bit of progress done on the Chaos Dreadnought.  The pictures show the legs are now attached, but green-stuff filling needs to be done at the hip coupling.

Chaos Dreadnoughts aren't big fans of leg work-outs.

Chaos Dreadnoughts aren’t big fans of leg work-outs.

A close-up of the legs shows the gaps that need filling and the start of the knee joints.  I will be filling in with green-stuff across the two discs and detailing an articulation point on the back.  The feet and greaves (what else would you call reinforced leg armour on a walker) still need to be done.

Close-up of the legs in progress.

Close-up of the legs in progress.

Part of the reason I haven’t made as much progress was wasted time looking for a hole-punch.  We had a nice 3-hole punch that worked ok, but the wife told me we didn’t have a single hole-punch.  Well the 3-hole punch is AWOL but in looking for it I found a single hole-punch.  It works very nice.

Anyhow, I have started on some of the putty-work to fill gaps and smooth transitions.  The lascannons are more or less done now.


And the piece that had just finished getting the basic shape done is the powerpack/engine.  My soldering iron was heating up very fast and I spent a lot of time with fiddly placing of the radiator vents so that explains the brown scorch marks.  On the other hand, the eventual owner was saying he wanted to do a nurgle dreadnought (that is the Chaos god of death and decay) so the melted spots can function as either rust or melting…very much in line with the theme.


A short update today, but hopefully useful to some readers out there.  I found myself reviewing the APC build a while back and it is impressive seeing how that came together and once this is finished I am sure it will be similar.

Hopefully something inspired you today, and if another post doesn’t make it, Merry Christmas to you.

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