Walking Wounded Part Four

With the kids busy with a clean and organized play-room (yes, that was daddy’s doing) I was able to find the time for the dreadnought.  Well, not quite finished.

As the soon to be owner wanted to kit-bash on a sarcophagus onto the front, it is left unfinished.  Likewise, the close combat weapon and arm is not attached and can be taken apart into 3 pieces for ease of painting.  I also didn’t go too crazy on the nurgle aspects to allow him some play, he was saying he wanted to use some greenstuff he has, so I will leave him to that.  The gouges and rough edges will suffice for my contribution to a rusted and broken machine.

Dread_update41 Dread_update42 Dread_update43 Dread_update44

As these pics show there are a few gaps in the edging to be filled.  I added crude hinges to the foot joins and a complicated looking (although very easy to build) toe assembly.  Obviously the greaves still need to be added too, but the toe and leg details won’t be very visible with those bulky pieces in the way.  And I also missed one piece of edging and I still need to gap fill the edging joins.

The request for a change of weapons came.  Instead of the initial idea of a power-scourge, he wanted to go with a thunder hammer instead.  So I pieced one together via lamination.  A bit of creative mindless sculpting to show a demonic weapon and presto.Dread_update45 Dread_update46 Dread_update47 Dread_update48

A very productive day all told between getting the kids an organized play-room and (almost) finishing off this miniature.

Hopefully something inspired you today, if nothing else how a bit of green-stuff can help fix any ham-fisted errors on building.


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