Walking Wounded Complete

I found a bit of time and I managed to get the greaves finished for the Dreadnought project.  Coincidentally, I received a message shortly afterwards from the new owner asking how it was going.  I wanted to keep it for a day or two to ponder and look over for missed points, but he was eager to get it and wanted to get to work on making it more chaotic.  So I snapped the pictures below to have a record of the greaves.

Dread_update51 Dread_update52 Dread_update53

I did a simple shape, curved and cut to account for the slant of the legs.  I mounted them on a piece of stand-off armour to still allow movement of the knee joint.  I left the gap intentionally.  For those familiar with how modern armour works, spaced armour provides more defense against high energy weapons.  The first use where the track guards used by the Germans in WWII when they realized it actually saved the tanks.  I won’t bore you with physics (Google can help with that) but basically the air-gap means the weapon system loses energy on the first layer and can’t even damage the next layer.  For a battlefield with lasers and death rays, I figure the most vulnerable part of this vehicle would use something similar.

In trade for this beast, I received a few models pictured below.  These will likely see double service.  In addition to their intended use as 40K miniatures, they will likely become the opposition forces for the special ops team I have on the to do list.


With the putty out for the gap filling, I also finished off a sculpt I had in progress.  The aspiring champion for my possessed chaos space marine unit.

Obligatory orange cup shot.

Obligatory orange cup shot.

Possessed2 Possessed3 Possessed4

The first thing that should be obvious is I have gotten lazy with my photography again.  Poor lighting, washed-out details.  Oh well.

I went with a reptilian/insectoid type scaling/chitin look.  It does tower over most other models as the other possessed model shows.  I think he will make the squad much more intimidating.

So a bit of a dog’s breakfast today, but hopefully something was inspiring in these snippets and scraps of the ongoing projects.

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