Hordes in HOTT

With the busy holidays I have had very little time for working on miniatures.  I have to say that reading some other blogs and seeing how prolific others are during Christmas makes me just a bit jealous.  I guess it is the price I pay that my workspace doubles as a spare bedroom.

Anyhow, I managed to slap a bit of paint on the first of the miniatures in my orc army for HOTT.


Games Workshop Lord of the Rings as HOTT horde.


Games Workshop Lord of the Rings as HOTT horde.


As discussed in the earlier post, these miniatures are Games Workshop Lord of the Rings miniatures.  I went with a very muted and limited palette with them, sticking with the stereo-typical black and red.  The metals received a very heavy rust wash.

I opted to try something different than the usual green-skinned orcs and I think my results are very well done.  I went with a light grey skin and then did a dark green wash.  Yellow eyes and technicolour hair completes the look.  Yes, I went with purple and blue hair for the orcs.  It is the downside of having my 5 year old daughter painted her miniatures beside me.  I start getting ideas from her.


Games Workshop Lord of the Rings as HOTT horde.


Games Workshop Lord of the Rings as HOTT horde.


As the pictures from the back show the colours are obvious but not overtly so.  I actually took these pictures on a green background so the colour variations were obvious: they are such subtle shifts and overall drabness they just look like a grey and red mass on even a white background.


HOTT/DBA Hordes battling. Orcs – Games Workshop Lord of the Rings. Achaemenid Persians – Wargames Factory


Of course the best action shot I could think to do was horde vs horde.  At this point my camera battery died so I wasn’t able to show the difference between the orcs and Romans as I think they are a sharp contrast.

These painted up very quickly and easily and I am sure the next two units will be done in an afternoon.

Hopefully something inspired you today, if nothing else to enjoy your holidays from work.


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One response to “Hordes in HOTT”

  1. nightowl says :

    Those are nice and dirty – that’s a good thing 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the whole batch.

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