Mysteries of Technology

Or this luddite can’t figure things out.  A specific question for all the WordPress users out there: have you had your followed blogs get creatively edited?  I mean specifically have you had it delete or remove blogs you follow?  If I had random blogs added I would have no doubt my account had been hacked or taken over by Malware…deleting blogs I follow just seems odd.

Anyways, I have a bit of a hodge-podge today, just a few pics to show.

First up, Alain is finished.  Or rather, I’m tired of painting him so I say he’s done.  In the end I was getting fed up with the blending so his skin still looks a bit patchy.  His banner has some plaster or thick paint splattered on from some accident or other, and I did a really fast and dirty bit of battle-damage to his shield.  Either way, it is table-top quality and the eyes do finish the look even if they are a bit cartoony.  The sword was my biggest frustration: I shaped it before painting and it just decided to bend and go weird when I was nearly done painting.  Either he is super strong and can bend a broad sword by leaning on it, or he’s hoping the badguys won’t notice he is using an SCA foam sword.

I think I will need to break down and get another 20/0 brush, the frayed 10/0 just isn’t cutting it for detail work right now.

Alain Cavalier by Reaper Miniatures

Alain Cavalier by Reaper Miniatures

Alain Cavalier by Reaper Miniatures

Alain Cavalier by Reaper Miniatures

I originally wanted to show a picture of my latest project, Alahazra Oracle.  She is another Bones figure and the fingers just wouldn’t cooperate with trimming, the finger would bend so I was worried about breaking them off.  Instead I think I will paint it as a mystical spell, maybe try object light source again, with her hands glowing.  Her skin is almost done, I may add a few more highlights on her face and breasts to better capture shadows.  I did rush the white, mostly because I had the mid-tone for her robes mixed while doing the skin and went ahead and did wet-blending on the robes.  Unfortunately I was rushing it and distracted by the show I was watching…so the paint came out a bit too thick.  Anyway, this will be the first caramel skin tone I have done so I am pleased with the results.

Alahazra Oracle by Reaper Miniatures

Alahazra Oracle by Reaper Miniatures

When taking her picture I realized that the natural light in my workroom today might let me get a better picture of Jolie.  So, here is the best pic I could take of her so far, showing the blending of the yellows a bit better.

Jolie Female Scribe by Reaper Miniatures

Jolie Female Scribe by Reaper Miniatures

The colours are still a bit washed out but I think this is the camera camo colour tone.

Anyhow, a short one today but hopefully no less inspirational.  If nothing else, I hope I have given you the nudge to finish off that project nearly done…even if it means you just mail it in.


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