And now for something different…

I took a pause in my other projects to throw together the start of a sci fi urban terrain section.  There are two reasons for this project.

First, I do enjoy playing on urban terrain in most sci fi games so the more the better.  The preferred terrain of course would be specific to the game.  As nice as the half-timbered houses look, it does seem a bit jarring when there are spacemen and aliens fighting in them.

Second, there are a few new players in town of 40k, and overall we are short a few pieces in the club collection.  So I wanted to figure out a quick and easy set of buildings that would be easy for new folks to build if we do a hobby night.

Anyhow, here are the pics of the first one done.

Sci fi urban terrain

Sci fi urban terrain

Sci fi urban terrain

Sci fi urban terrain

Sci fi urban terrain

Sci fi urban terrain

Sci fi urban terrain

Sci fi urban terrain

This was made with foamcore, card, and a drinking straw.  I coated the building with plaster prior to painting to seal a few gaps and give it a concrete structure.  Buried under the thick plaster are some detail panels I added.  Fortunately I only had enough plaster for this one so I could learn my mistake for the second one.

This was the first project where I successfully tried using plaster on a building.  I did a test a couple weeks ago doing a skin over an older building I had.  I had tried using plaster to clad a structure before but the plaster actually warped and lifted off of the building all those years ago.  I don’t remember my step by step from then, but I think I am doing it differently and better this time.

And here is a WIP of the second building done.

Sci fi urban terrain

Sci fi urban terrain

All together these took 3 hours of work (not including glue, plaster, and paint drying times) over the course of two days.  A second theme following out of these will be the building of shanty shacks.  I figured out a new way to build them since doing the cobbled-together walls would be too fragile.  So I intend to build a solid foamcore skeleton with cobbled on sheet-metal and junk to build the shacks.  The buildings in the style above will form the core of the shanty neighbourhood.

Anyhow, short and sweet but hopefully inspirational to try a small scale project for a change of pace.


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