Bones 3 Kickstarter

I normally don’t provide unsolicited advertising, but I see this as more of a public service message.

Bones 3 Kickstarter has launched at his link: Bones 3.

Bones 3 Kickstarter.  Image property of Reaper Miniatures.  Used without permission.

Bones 3 Kickstarter. Image property of Reaper Miniatures. Used without permission.

Now why would I see this as a PSA?  Simply put because of my circumstances with the first two kickstarters.

I found out about Bones 1 when folks were waiting for shipments and I was very impressed with both the quality and quantity of minis.  I saw it as a one-off, and didn’t care too much I missed it.  Seriously, getting hung up on what could have been is a terrible way to live.  I mean you don’t hear me bemoaning my potential career as a professional baseball player.  All I was missing was that one training camp.  Oh, and a career in the minors.  And college.  Or any appreciable talent.  Ok, enough about me.

For Bones 2, I stumbled across it during a busy period at work.  I was so excited to see it, until I saw I missed the window again.  But not all was lost: they were offering a chance for people to buy-in still at slightly inflated prices.  Sign me up.

So here we have a chance for those who missed out to still take advantage.  This Kickstarter will run a little differently than the others in terms of levels available, and so far it looks like there will be multiple groups of similar creatures.  For RPG this will give encounters, for mini gamers it will give you units.

Hopefully this will inspire you, if not to join this Kickstarter then to provide that little bit of info for your gaming friends and associates to help them take advantage of those limited availability specials.


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One response to “Bones 3 Kickstarter”

  1. mistervee2 says :

    Well I jumped on the band wagon.

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