Manifest Improbability

The latest mini was actually a bit of a longer project than usual for me.  It was really due to the contrasting colours and trying to figure out the best way to blend them in without having too stark of a contrast.  Likewise, if the contrast isn’t there, then it all blends together.

Chimera by Reaper Miniatures.

Chimera by Reaper Miniatures.

Chimera by Reaper Miniatures.

Chimera by Reaper Miniatures.

Chimera by Reaper Miniatures.

Chimera by Reaper Miniatures.

Chimera by Reaper Miniatures.

Chimera by Reaper Miniatures.

I think I have done a fairly good job on keeping contrasts in place for the Bones chimera.  the only downside is everybody who sees it calls it a dragon.  My oldest girl just got confused as I tried to show her it isn’t a dragon. “What is it?” “A dragon!”  Can I paint it?” (yes that is her response to every dragon she sees) “Are you sure?  I don’t think it’s a dragon.  What does that look like?” “A lion.  Oh, it’s a lion with wings.” “And what’s that?  Is that a dragon head?” “What the-” (yes she actually picked that up somewhere) Now that it is painted, I am sure she will be excited to see it when she gets back.  My daughters went away for the summer and there will be a couple changes to daddy daughter time.  First, my youngest keeps wanting to paint, so I will do what I did with the oldest: she will sit at the table and paint pictures with the same paint I use and get her used to cleaning her brush, thinning paint and mixing colours.  I also picked her up a Bones figure that should be easy to paint. The second change will be getting my oldest daughter playing a game.  She has been interested in mini games for as long as she realized that daddy plays games with his toys.  So I did some asking around and the Ganesha Games system is fairly easy for kids to grasp.  So I bought the rules online and had a quick read.  I think it will be fairly easy to teach her and I am thinking of the best way to tie the rules into education type stuff…but I know that will happen anyways.  I recommend you check out Ganesha Games if you haven’t heard of them.  A Song of Blades and Heroes is a quick fantasy skirmish with simple and easy to manage rules.  I think it will be like DBA where the complexity of the play is on the table, not in the books: Ganesha Games. I know she will be very excited, mostly so she can play with her painted figures (which haven’t been shown on this blog yet but may in the future) and with the spider queen – I’ve been told numerous times she is the boss of all of her guys. While grabbing figs for the kids I had to buy a few for myself.  The Vanja Fire Giant Queen had my interest when I saw it since I knew she would tie into the Kickstarter Giants very well.  I can’t say if she will get painted right away or if I will wait until I paint the Bones 3 Giants at the same time.

Vanja Fire Giant Queen, Jolie Female Scribe by Reaper Miniatures.  Hayden by Hassle Free Miniatures.

Vanja Fire Giant Queen, Jolie Female Scribe by Reaper Miniatures. Hayden by Hassle Free Miniatures.

As an aside I should mention that my wife and I went to a big city for our anniversary (1 year and no casualties) and we went to the Mecca of gamers.  I have to say most couples would not have had the experience we had in the store.  We stopped in with intention to buy a couple figs to teach her painting and to see if they had in a box of Greeks for my Persians to finally have an enemy.  After all was said and done she had spent 4 times as much as me and was still looking for stuff.  I guess I did a good job nerdifying her in the 10 or so years we have been together.

“Just tell me if I can kill it already”

Hopefully something inspired you today, if nothing else to stretch your imagination to see how you can tie in your hobbies with your family.


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2 responses to “Manifest Improbability”

  1. daggerandbrush says :

    Wonderful idea to get your girls into painting and wargaming. I understand that there will be a slump during teenage years, but hey, if the seed is planted it will develope in the years to follow. Anyhow, I also like your Chimera. Nice contrast between the heads and surely a suitable foe for your adventurers.

    • hosercanadian says :

      I know several folks who have their kids (even girls) playing games right up to teenage years…but none of their kids are old enough for me to comment on if it will taper off once puberty hits.

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