Diversity is the key to success

Or at least I was led to believe from the Economics sections in my sociology courses.  I have had a bit of time to work and I am hammering away on a few different projects.  I realize I have quite a few half-finished projects so I am trying to finish them.  Today is brought to you by WIP-Inc and the letter W.

Thund Bloodwrack by Reaper Miniatures.

Thund Bloodwrack by Reaper Miniatures.

Previously shown as an example of a new tattoo technique I was trying, I figured I would finish him off.  This barbarian’s pose is very striking.  I see in the giant photo of shame that I need to do more washes to make his skin more natural and his muscles to pop more.  What I have done is thrown some highlights onto his sword.  I want a black sword with a hint of green reminiscent of uranium.

I am actually amazed how similar he is to one of my favorite old RPG characters – Barghev.  The only thing he needs are 3 more axes and shaggy hair and beard.  If I decide to get another one for this project, I will go in depth on the character on a later post.

But, he is a character I will never play again.  The campaign world was in a system designed by our GM.  Whenever he came out with a revision, he fast-forwarded a few hundred years so we were forced to make new characters.  As consolation, this character eventually became a god of death…for goblins, but a god none the less.  Something to do with destroying several thousand over the course of game sessions all by his own hand.

Fly Demon by Reaper Miniatures

Fly Demon by Reaper Miniatures

Fly Demon by Reaper Miniatures

Fly Demon by Reaper Miniatures

Also on the block of newly started figures is this creepy little guy.

I did up the fly very simply with wet-blending and highlights while I was waiting on something else.  The eyes are obviously just blocked out at this time, I am not sure if I want to try painting on a whole bunch of tiny dots to show the faceted eyes.  The wings will go for a green-tinted white, darker green on the veins.

Hirst Arts Modular Dungeon

Hirst Arts Modular Dungeon

Hirst Arts Modular Dungeon

Hirst Arts Modular Dungeon

Also new on the workbench is a new dungeon module for Dungeon Down.  Most of my free time has been dedicated to updating the card backs, adding a few new cards and building some foam-core board sections.  Why you ask?  Simple – Christmas gifts.  Two versions of the game have been given out, one for the couple who we regularly play with, and a second to a very close friend who I am certain will enjoy it.  If nothing else he has a new use for his eclectic miniatures collection.

For this latest piece (and a few more I have in mind), I am playing more with multi-level sections.  I will also make up a few bases to raise up sections to the second story when required.  The stairs and bookshelf aren’t attached yet for ease of painting and this section still needs the walls for the second level to be laid down.  Overall, I think it looks very striking and the forced route of movement will make it more challenging for combat.

By the power of half-painted Grey Skull...I HAVE THE POWER.

By the power of half-painted Grey Skull…I HAVE half THE POWER.

This update saw a little bit of everything.  I figure since my hobby time has been in short supply for a while, the variety of projects will be refreshing, and gives me a chance to work on several things at once.  Hopefully something inspired you today, if nothing else, to seek out those figures that have meaning and paint them up.

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