Garbage day

Today saw a bit of work, and mostly dealt with taking out the trash.

Sorry, that is a blatant lie.  Most of today was spent on something I will only briefly mention below.  Fiddly computer image manipulation not my favorite part of this hobby.

28mm garbage.

28mm garbage.

Anyhow, before I destroyed my otherwise clever intro…I made garbage.  Not my usual poor quality painting, but actual garbage.  Or miniature garbage anyways.

Construction is very simple.  Combining a few methods I have come across, basically cut big shapes out of a real garbage bag.  Apply scrunched up paper to appropriate size.  I used both waste from my shredder and torn paper towel to experiment, minimal difference in either.  Bundle the bag up to the top.  Twist the bundle and wrap in thread.  Knot thread and cut close to the knot.  Cut off excess bag and sculpt and trim as required.  Viola, one bag of garbage.  Even if it is easier to make a bag of garbage in real life, this isn’t too hard.

Foam.  Oooh.

Foam. Oooh.

Melted foam.  Superglue and foam do not mix.

Melted foam. Superglue and foam do not mix.

Heap o trash.  Note the pink foam is no longer there: it has completely melted.

Heap o trash. Note the pink foam is no longer there: it has completely melted.

Now the individual bags can (and will) be used to dress up individual buildings and so on, I wanted a big trash heap to act as an obstacle.  So I started with a chunk of foam to reduce the number of bags needed.  I glues them on, and big pile of trash.  Now since I was being impatient, I cut a corner I am regretting.  I know super-glue melts foam, but figured it wouldn’t matter.  It did.  I will experiment with white glue on a bag or two to see if it actually holds for future piles.

Trash heap.

Trash heap.

For the action shot we see the White Huntress closing in on Nick Fury who thought things were clear behind him.

Whoa…screeching halt.  Does that vending machine say Soylent Green?  As mentioned above, I fiddled with some graphics today and made a few vending machine templates.  Not the greatest, I may go back and change them.  The photos used are not my own and are used without permission.  Feel free to download these paper vending machines if you want some easy to use machines.  They are all wrapped around foamcore.  I will go back and adjust the sizes to fit better the next time I feel inclined.


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3 responses to “Garbage day”

  1. Terry says :

    Nicely done, I may need to go make some of these trash heaps myself! Cheers!

  2. daggerandbrush says :

    Cool idea, they look the part! You could add some green stuff oozing out 😛 or a burst one.

  3. hosercanadian says :

    I am not sure how to do burst ones without the scale creep coming into play. I intend to do a variety of washes once I have a few heaps done. Green, brown, red, brown/green/grey.

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