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Although the “right” mini is rarely available, the plethora of “not” insert character name models are normally possible.  Today my latest order from Reaper arrived and I dove right into turning my “not” Dr. Doom into the benevolent leader we all know and love.

Dr Dread by Reaper Miniatures.  Deano by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Dr Dread by Reaper Miniatures. Deano by Hasslefree Miniatures.

The mini is single cast and as shown, he scales very well with true 28mm figs very well.  He is accurately proportioned, and the details like his strips of metal make me so happy.

As a kid, my first exposure to superheroes has the Fantastic Four and Spiderman.  Spiderman was from the tv series, but the Fantastic Four we had a couple of comics in the house and a puzzle…so they were cooler.  And coolest of all was Dr. Doom.  Every week I watched as Spiderman faced a new villain, with the odd story with a villain escaping from prison.  But all in all, his opposition was quite farcical – their master plans were thwarted in 10 minutes or less with only the rare villain taking the full 20 minute episode.  In contrast my (limited) exposure to the Fantastic Four saw them facing a truly evil villain who didn’t care what happened to the heroes (or the general population) and he was essentially immune from being permanently beaten.  He had hidden trapdoors, escape craft, or fiendish devices to aid in his escape.  Would they let Mr. Fantastic die from some device or stop Dr. Doom from escaping?

Dr. Doom by Marvel.  Image used without permission.

Dr. Doom by Marvel. Image used without permission.

Of course, that changed as I was exposed to more comics and heroes and eventually began to appreciate the story and development.  This made Batman, Wolverine, and Superman more interesting to me than the Fantastic Four (who seemed very flat).  But that villain mold stayed with me.  Even if I could find those issues now, I wouldn’t want to read them again.  Dr. Doom seemed like a diabolical genius who could never be beaten, just set back.  Considering I considered the heroes to be flat as a kid, I am sure I would laugh at his ridiculous plots and ploys.  Instead, his Machiavellian ways and devious plans have shaped my perception of villains.  It wasn’t until I had a very philosophical debate about villains across all the comics in high school that I realized I had been using him as the measure of villains.  Nobody else was aware of how he worked, just who he was.  So I read them in, and my slanted memory of him did convince others that he was dangerous…but no Galactus.

Dr Dread by Reaper Miniatures.

Dr Dread by Reaper Miniatures.

Dr Dread by Reaper Miniatures.  Proxy for Dr. Doom.

Dr Dread by Reaper Miniatures. Proxy for Dr. Doom.

Dr Dread by Reaper Miniatures.  Proxy for Dr. Doom.

Dr Dread by Reaper Miniatures. Proxy for Dr. Doom.

So now my project is to turn this guy into the embodiment of Dr. Doom.  That ultimate villain to be feared and threaten all the heroes.  To start with, I need to add the missing iconic parts to this sculpt.

Today I managed to throw on a windswept cape.  Next sculpting session will see me cleaning it up and adding his hood.  Of note for errors are a few finger prints, the edge will get frayed a bit, and there are some flakes of hard yellow putty to remove.  Until it is cured I will just make a mess of trying to pull them out.  Frustrating that I missed a couple, but this strip of greenstuff has started to dry out.  The final stage will have his iconic brooches and chain added.

I tried to get the angle of his cape to match the flow of his tabard.  It has been tossed in the wind, and the longer cape would billow instead of just the flips the tabard edges show.

Hopefully this inspired you today, if nothing else to take those steps to make your “not” characters more clearly the character they are intended to proxy.


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