Sir Darkness

Or the Dark Knight.

One of the birthday gifts I got from my wife was the gorgeous Batman (Arkham Knight) by Knight Models.  If you have never heard of Knight models, search them on the web and max out your credit cards.  They have done some spectacular comic book models.  They have a Batman Miniatures game, and now Spiderman and Marvel heroes.  The models are 32mm scale so they are a bit bigger than most models on the market.

Well in theory.  If you have been collecting and painting miniatures for even a little while you have realized that scale is very subjective, even within a single company.  Considering most 28mm models are a bit bigger, and some measure the 28mm to eye level instead of height.  These models also incorporate scenic bases for the most part so they tower over other models.  But, the gargoyle does actually reduce the scale creep because mentally you recognize he is standing on something.

Anyhow, on to the miniature.

Batman by Knight Models.

Batman by Knight Models.

I sat down and painted him in a single evening.  The clean-up I did the night before.  Not the cleanest cast model I have ever held, the was flash but very subtle mold lines.  The clean-up tool was exclusively a scalpel, I didn’t even touch my files.

I painted him using a successive wet-blend and highlighting to the lightest grey I went to.  Unfortunately I primed him by hand with acrylic paint so the paint kept rubbing off.  So I chose to seal him with my gloss sealer and hopefully tone it down with a matte sealer at a later time.  There is a lot more subtlety in the blending that the sealer just masks.

Batman by Knight Models.

Batman by Knight Models.

As shown with Deano, he isn’t really out of scale with the other figures.  And yes, Deano is getting some paint.  I got frustrated the other day as I painted over his left eye while adding in his eyelid.  I also really buggered up the eyes on another miniature I was painting at the same time so they will wait until I feel like doing the last salvage before stripping.

Batman by Knight Models.  Deano by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Batman by Knight Models. Deano by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Now the tough part comes: how to figure out his stats in my game.  I love Batman.  Mostly because he is just a man with a will to do more.  Sadly, this means his stats will put him at a critical disadvantage against the super-powered heroes.  I am at a loss on how to figure out how to balance him out without making him over-powered.

Hopefully this short post was inspirational, if nothing else to try your hand at something pretty that is on your shelf.

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