I’m not quite dead yet…

…I’m actually feeling better, I think I might go for a walk.

Ok, long hiatus away from hobby time, mostly due to work and a change of pace.

The busy period of work ran me through the wringer.  I was quite exhausted by the time things slowed down and I needed a mental break.  I had a couple video games and those just pulled me in and helped me to unwind.

After the last game was finished, I started poking around and found a program that lets you build video games.

Wow, I had one of those years ago as a teenager.  It was pretty cool then, but fairly crude by today’s standards.  There were few options to really personalize it and it was very closely tied to AD&D 2nd Edition.  So the mechanics made it tough to really branch into different genres or story telling.

Big Red's Little Adventure made on RPG Maker MV.

Big Red’s Little Adventure made on RPG Maker MV.

This program, RPG Maker MV is a lot different.  Although designed to work out of the box to do JRPG style games (think early Final Fantasy), it can be customized quite freely.  In fact the code is easily modified and Java plug-ins are easily incorporated to add functionality.  I have also been using some graphic manipulation to do my own thing.

Since I wasn’t coming into this sort of thing cold, I decided to do a very quick and simple plot to build a game start to finish to see how it works.  I have the intention of making the game all ages as I will be putting it on the iPad we are giving my oldest for her birthday.  She is old enough to play those kind of games.

Big Red's Little Adventure made on RPG Maker MV.

Big Red’s Little Adventure made on RPG Maker MV.

For the plot I have Little Red Riding Hood all grown up and on her way to college.  Along the way she meets a lumberjack, a werewolf, and well I will leave the rest a secret in case I ever do make it widely available to play.  It is a blend between fantasy and modern with police, mobsters, a mystery to solve, and a few silly commentaries on society.

I am sure this will take a bit of my free time but the first game is 99% done right now.  I am just finalizing the final dungeon and scenes so it should be down to the compiling piece after that.

Big Red's Little Adventure made on RPG Maker MV.

Big Red’s Little Adventure made on RPG Maker MV.

I have a few pictures to show off the very crude work I have done so far, but I am sure my daughter will like it…the wife is already bugging me to play now that she knows there is about 10 hours of game play.

I know this is a totally different change of pace for my blog but your regularly scheduled miniature blog will be returning soonish.  I felt the need to post something as it has been over 3 months since my last post.

Although out of my version of ordinary, I hope this post inspired you.  If nothing else maybe try some other creative outlets to keep your mind and motivation fresh.

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