Playing ketchup

Or just catch-up for those of you who hate terrible puns.

I have been quite busy since my last update, but I have managed to get a few models done to show off.  Not as much as I would like, as work has kept me quite busy these past couple weeks.

First up we have some updates on Cinder.  I will be honest, not super sexy as far as pictures go, but you can see how I am gradually building up the purple.  Halfway there I think, and I am liking the very subtle transitions in most areas.  The jarring ones don’t bother me as even on batwings there are sometimes changes in pigment near the bones.

Cinder by Reaper Miniatures

Cinder by Reaper Miniatures

Cinder by Reaper Miniatures

I have gotten the back membranes to a similar stage but I am having trouble getting the dragon to photograph properly…I need a bigger backdrop as well as a different light set-up to make it work.  Once I get the wings great on the underside, then I will work on the backside.  Yes, I want the underside lighter than the back so there will be a contrast.  And the little membrane along the top edge of the wing will be the same colour as the underside to make it look interesting.

Kar Drakir by Reaper converted to a dragonborn paladin.

Kar Drakir by Reaper converted to a dragonborn paladin.

Kar Drakir by Reaper converted to a dragonborn paladin.

If I haven’t bored you with stage by stage on wings, then you can get a chance to see some of the other updates.

First up is the dragonborn conversion I did.  So far, he got to be used in one game (and as he was not sealed a bit of paint rubbed off).  I went with very dark green highlights to keep him black as the player requested.  I did a freehand of the holy symbol used by his god as the character is a paladin.

The armour is a bit crude because I was rushing.  If I were to do this again, I would start by cutting off his arms at the shoulder pads to give better access to sculpt on the plates where I wanted them.

Left to Right: Ranger by Games Workshop, Hayden by Hasslefree Miniatures, Balazar, Kar Drakir, Demi-Lich and Woody Stumpwimple by Reaper Miniatures.

Not a great finished model, but good quick tabletop and the aesthetics fits in well with the party.  Sadly, the player will be away due to work for the next few months so his character will collect dust until he returns.

As a next project, two of the players are getting new models.  First off the rogue, using the halfing ranger, doesn’t quite fit the character.  Second, the ranger will get a new model.

Why worry so much?  I think I will let the players keep their characters after the game wraps up so having cheap Bones for them makes that more of a reality.

Mogg Bugbear by Reaper Miniatures.

Mogg Bugbear by Reaper Miniatures.

Mogg Bugbear by Reaper Miniatures.

Next up is another one of the minions of Rogg, Mogg the bugbear.  Another Reaper Bones, he is a good buy for anybody wanting to have some different and dynamic bugbears.  The placement and prominence of the mace means a simple weapon swap could give you even more variety.

I went with a bit of a graffiti style shield icon because I couldn’t really decide what to put on there.  The eye motif is fairly common on orc and goblin figures (that good of Sauron, do his gifts never end), so I went with a stylized symbol between Sauron and Grummush.  This guys reads as a cleric type to me, so having a semi-religious icon helped to sell it.

Bugbear, Rogg, and Mogg by Reaper Miniatures.

As shown beside the other bugbears these match very well.  A personal pet peeve is when models in the same scale…don’t scale well together.  The Reaper gnolls, for example, have a wide variance of sizes.  Sure, you can argue individual differences, but when some body part aspects show they were done by different sculptors at different times/locations they lose some continuity.  So, if these is also a peeve of yours, fear not: the Reaper Bones Bugbears are all in scale with each other.  In fact, some of the models look like the sculptor reused body parts.

A lot of pictures, and even more rambling, so hopefully something was inspirational to you.  If nothing else, remember that this hobby helps to keep you grounded and unwind when other stresses start piling up.


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