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Shadow War Armageddon

It has been quite the gap in updates.  Sadly work has been quite hectic and I just wrapped up a course to boot.  However, I think I will be getting a bit of hobby time in the near future.  Much like the rest of the miniature wargames community, I too jumped on the SW band-wagon.  In my defense, I was planning to start a Necromunda type game in my club.  I have obviously not been following the GW news or I would have been aware it was coming.

So far, I have enjoyed the game.  It is a bit more stream-lined than Necromunda, but it gives more variety of opponents and lets people play with stock models without going crazy on conversions.  Naturally you should be well aware I will go crazy on conversions.  If you are on the fence about this game and liked Necromunda, I recommend it.  If you despised all 2nd Edition 40k iterations, stay clear.  If you have never played these ancient games, then it is a fun game to play that emphasizes a small unit so it is good for converting and building good terrain.

Inquisitor Kill-team. Mostly Games Workshop models, one Warzone figure.

Chaos Kill-team.

I have two painted and complete warbands right now.  These were formed from existing models with a bit of details on a few to make them seem more kill-team like and less generic trooper #7.  If you look closely, some of my Necromunda project has made it into the Inquisitor kill-team while the Chaos kill-team is using Necromunda models.

As the league starts with the local club my terrain will be heavily used, but I will also be trying to get a terrain workshop running to get the members learning how to build terrain.  As an added bonus the new gamestore will have a huge influx of terrain afterwards.

If people are interested, I may go back and do detailed pics of each model.  And naturally as I convert more they will be showcased.  The Chaos one requires the least work surprisingly.  I modeled my entire Iron Warriors army quite extensively to have the feel of troops late in a campaign and scrounging for what they can.  As a result they all are very dynamic and characterful.

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion.

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion.

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion.

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion.

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion.

I have also done a converted Tau kill-team, something that will be the topic of a later update.  Why?  Well, there is a guilty pleasure I have entertained.  In my youth I found Orks rather silly and out of place in the 40k setting.  As I got older I saw they were more a parody of modern society than anything else.  They models and conversion opportunities were what always made me jealous.  Sure, I custom built each vehicle used in my Iron Warriors.  Yes, I have scratch-built other vehicles (two of which have been showcased here).  In fact, I have also sculpted models.

So why would Orks be something I am jealous of?  Well they are just so characterful.

The first custom-built model is showcased here today.  I built my own heavy armour by adding on plates and ridiculously over-sized rivets.  I am not sure if I am happy with the rust wash formula I used this time and I see it went on a bit heavy in some places and too light in others.  I will probably leave him as is, he looks good enough.

Will he be useful in the game?  I have no idea, but he was fun to build.  That is the mantra I have had with the Orks I have built and they will be my next major project.  Every ork is carefully planned and put together.  So this will be a fun project with lots of conversions and character.

Hopefully something inspired you today, if nothing else to feed that little voice in your head.  You know the one, that silly kid who tells you what to do but as an adult we have to hush up.  Until next time.