Fresh Melons

Ok, I will skip explaining the pun in the title as it should be pretty obvious soon enough.  I have been able to do a bit of painting lately and have a few things to show off.

Tyrea Bronzelocks by Reaper Miniatures.

Tyrea Bronzelocks by Reaper Miniatures.

Tyrea Bronzelocks by Reaper Miniatures.

Tyrea Bronzelocks and Lem Iconic Bard by Reaper Miniatures.

First off we have Tyrea Bronzelocks from Reaper Bones.  At first I was disappointed the detail was soft on this one, then I realized it was the transparency.

The model is very detailed but the mold lines were a bit finicky on this one.  I didn’t do a huge amount of work on this one, but like all Kevin White models it shows a very realistic portrayal of the female form.  Even if she is wearing Frazetta-esque armour, her posture and curves are very realistic and natural.

I painted her up as Sonja, a henchmen one of the players recently managed to recruit.  I went with a very pale celtic skin tone and subtle red hair.  The woad does reflect what I thought would be good paint without washing out her face.  I will mention she does have a normal nose, it is the woad line that gives the illusion of no nose.

The party managed to seize a town and have moved refugees into it.  Through their own gold they have improved the town and expanded the small town from 300 to about 5000.  He got this henchman as he wanted Khadafi-style deadly female warriora to guard the keep.  So the first of his “Charlie’s Angels” was randomly determined from the unpainted models I had handy.

I also realized that the thief’s new miniature hasn’t been showcased just yet.  As his background was more river-pirate than ranger, a figure swap was required.  A simple conversion and more or less done painting.  I have him posed with Sonja.

Ork Yoof with stikk bombz and slugga.

Ork Yoof with stikk bombz and slugga.

Ork Yoof with shoota

Ork Yoof with shoota

Ork in ‘eavy armour conversion, 2 yoofs with slugga and shoota.

Ork Kill team WIP. Lots of choppy, less dakka.

Also getting a bit of work are a couple of the “Yoofs” from my Ork Kill team for Shadow War Armageddon.  Up first is a yoof with stikk bombz.  Orks are terrible shots in the game.  In the best of circumstances, they only hit about 1/3 of the time.  That said, no smart Ork would carry grenades since they are very likely to bounce back and hit him after missing.  On the other hand, if you don’t mind your own guys being hit the grenade is more likely to hit as it uses a fairly large template.  This particular guy has a heart tattoo on his arm just because.

Also seeing some paint is another yoof with a shoota.  Why give an Ork a shooting weapon after my comment that they can’t hit?  Well Ork shootas shoot lots…so they are more likely to get a hit.  They are also likely to run out of ammo.  Both combine into the reason why I only gave shooting weapons to my yoofs.

To compare size, you will see the previously posted Ork.  And as a teaser, here is the rest of the Kill team so far, with just skin blocked in.

A small number of models, but hopefully no less inspirational for you today.  If nothing else, remember that painting your shelf of shame is just like eating an elephant: one bite at a time.  Note, do not either bite or eat your miniatures.


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