A stitch in time

With my week wrapped-up I was able to find a bit of brush time.  Fortunately, this also gives me a chance to get a few models ready for the next RPG session.  All of these are actually Bones 3 models that I have been slowly putting paint to brush on.

Stitch golem by Reaper Miniatures

Stitch golem by Reaper Miniatures

Stitch golem by Reaper Miniatures

Stitch golem by Reaper Miniatures

Stitch golem by Reaper Miniatures

Through the course of previous sessions, the players have managed to secure a town (actually the size of a small city with the refugees they brought in) and have sworn fealty to one of the city-state fiefdoms.  Their problems really started at that point since the town was actually under the protection of the other neighbouring fiefdom.  As they have picked a few fights with the representatives of the magister, I felt it was appropriate to give them a more fleshed out force.

Their new rival city state is run by a magister but it is also home to the Arcane University.  The influence of powerful magic users means it would make sense they would not fight with soldiers most of the time.  So I have thrown together a few golems that will reflect a more accurate force they would use in war.

The stitch golems here are just plain cute.  I rushed these a bit but they are definitely a lot of fun to paint.  The metal models probably have a few more details but these are very sharp and crisp with only a few stitches here and there not clear and crisp.  I opted to number them as I was reminded of the movie 9 featuring rag-dolls with a bit of magical spark.

The blue and yellow one I rushed a bit and I could touch him up in the future.  When these are released at retail I will likely get a few more as they are very silly and a few more for conversions would be fun.

Flesh golem by Reaper Miniatures

Flesh golem by Reaper Miniatures

The next golem getting paint is the flesh golem.  This model is a lot of fun.  Some of the stitching of body parts was overlapped by mold lines and the left side of the face was a bit soft on detail so I am not sure where the sutures begin and end.

A very gruesome piece I exploited was that the stitching completely separates some body parts and skin patches so now he looks as patch-work as the other golems.  I wasn’t 100% sure if the right leg was supposed to be loose flesh or pants so I went with flesh.  Either way he is quite the versatile model.  I can see this used in fantasy, horror, or sci-fi.

Iron golem by Reaper Miniatures

Iron golem by Reaper Miniatures

Iron golem by Reaper Miniatures

Iron golem by Reaper Miniatures. Hayden by Hasslefree Miniatures.

The final golem getting done is the massive Iron Golem.  Standing at nearly 4 inches tall this towering beast dwarfs most other models.  To carry on with my usual bad puns…insert dwarf for scale.

I opted to go with a bare metal design with crudely painted yellow based on how it will fit in the RPG story.

I did do a very crude glow effect on the vents.  Most of them look good from at least one angle…the problem is none of them look good from the same angle.  I am most happy with the vents on the head.

A few models to showcase and a bit of my usual rambling, but hopefully something was inspiring for you today.  If nothing else, it shows you how a solid plan and some speed-painting can help you get new models on the table for your next game no matter what you play.



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