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Gathering moss

Unlike a rolling stone. Sadly I wish I had something tree related with that title, but instead I just managed to throw paint on a couple more figs. Actually I have 7 figures in progress right now but these two are “done enough”.

Up first is a figure who will represent a sneaky thief. He pretends to be a merchant and travels with his well-locked chest. Once night falls his kobold allies come out of the extra-dimensional house that is hidden in the chest. Cue the music and creepy kobold night fight.

The face is a bit rough, not helped by the mold-line on the face I missed. Good enough for a one-time villain and/or villager proxy for future games.

Also getting finished is another bugbear. This one a bit more well armoured than the others.

A bit harsh in the contrast and that armour is entirely too clean for a bugbear but again…good enough for what he will be.

To wrap it up a action pic and hopefully a bit of motivation, if nothing else to power through a few figs to get that momentum going.

It’s been a while

…and I won’t subject you to Stained. Instead, here is something else.


I have been quite busy as of late. Work is still the main culprit, with a change of provinces, job, and a move I have had little time to do hobby stuff. I have been able to set up a new DnD game and that has led to a bit of brush work.

The thing about a new group is trying to get the buy in early. So I went all out in converting characters for the players.

To start with a very old friend happens to live in my new city of residence. He wanted to make a goliath race warden so I found the best suites model…and painted it. He literally matched the model exactly.

Next was another coworker who played in my last DnD group. He got moved with work too. He opted for a dwarf fighter…which became and dwarf cleric when he realized the other player had made a similar character.

The next player opted for a human fighter. Nothing too fancy, until you consider I converted the same model I showcased last time. Weapon swap, head swap and shield swap later and we have an AWOL soldier.

That player’s wife wanted a shifter cleric. She saw a Tiefling model and asked if I could turn the horns into ears. Bit of knife work and some putty to remove the other ears and I she was ecstatic about the results.

There are two other characters but I seem to be missing pictures on my phone…yes I am using my phone instead of computer dear reader. I apologize for the lack of polish for this reason.

Instead, here is the party snap shot.

A bit eclectic but I think they have worked well as a team so far.

The next adventure had a requirement for some monsters and NPCs I hadn’t painted yet so here are a few with a bit of paint.

Quite the mix I know, but I am happy with the results, even if they are just a quick speed paint.

Hopefully today has inspired you, if nothing else to stir up the ashes and bring a hobby fire back to life.