Archive | December 2018

Quick and Dirty

So I recently finished a commission that was a bit different for me. A friend of a friend wanted some table-top quality figs done up so I volunteered to help out.

How is that different? Well they were 3D printed models. This was one of the UV reactive liquid printers so it had fewer layer lines.

As expected they were quick and easy to paint but a bit frustrating. I knew to expect paint adhesion issues so I gave them a good scrubbing. As a plus a bit of rubbing alcohol residue was still in them after the wash so the paint drying accelerated on the primer.

The issues was the models continued sweating through-out causing a few paint adhesion issues. This was most obvious on the white and made wet-blending impossible. It did not resist dry brushing and exaggerated highlighting so I went that route after the first fig.

Overall, the detail was a bit sparse and stylized. Interesting effect, but not my normal genre. After seeing the art style I opted for a bit more of an anime style. These are HeroForge minis that he managed to print at home, not sure how that works…must be a new option.

Anyhow, hopefully you found this inspirational, if nothing else to try a new genre in your hobby craft.