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We’re in bat country

A post that had to wait for delivery, one of my longtime friends is a huge fan of a certain infamous journalist. Although now dead, I feel I captured the feel of this individual. As a Christmas gift, I felt it was a good gift he can adorn his office or home (or even game with).

Lazarus by Hassle Free Miniatures painted as Hunter S Thompson

I used the costume from the film adaptation of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas as it seemed pretty dead on.

Lazarus by Hassle Free Miniatures painted as Hunter S Thompson

Lazarus by Hassle Free Miniatures painted as Hunter S Thompson

To really evoke the 70s vibe I included the retro Adidas bag and a 1974 movie poster at his feet (Star Wars).

Lazarus by Hassle Free Miniatures painted as Hunter S Thompson

Short post, but hopefully no less inspirational, if nothing else to make all your heroes miniature.

New Recruits

As the title implies many more figures, I must apologize and say I misled you.  Instead, this just marks a bit of an increase in the miniature gamers out there.

As I have mentioned on this blog in the past, my girls like painting figures with me.  It is something they will do every so often, sadly less often here as I don’t have a good permanent set-up for painting.


For Christmas, in addition to the many other gifts we spoiled the girls with, I gave them each several miniatures they can paint and play a game with.  After their first game I even let them pick a few more figures to add to their collections.

DSCF8774The game I introduced them to is the Revised Song of Blades and Heroes.  In many ways it seems an old fashioned game.  It was something I was referred to by several gaming buddies a few years ago.  The biggest benefit it how simple the rules are.  I have stolen some line art drawing (as drawing is not one of my strengths) and used them to create the sheets included.  These gave the girls an easy reference and they already have the few special rules they each use memorized after only a few games.

Sample Lists:

If you have never played the game, I recommend picking it up (although there is an Advanced set of rules, I assume it is equally as good – I just haven’t played it).  It uses only 3 measuring ranges that can be easily made via a variety of measuring sticks.  I opted to cut and paint bamboo skewers so they are colour coded too.  Each model has only two stats and at most a few special rules.  While movement isn’t required, I included it there for simplicity.

Activation is easy enough to manage so much so that my 6 year old can figure out which is the best order to activate and how to use her leader to help other activations.

A brief post today, but hopefully still inspirational.  If nothing else, to maybe get out there with the next generation to have them start playing.