…in a galaxy far, far away

I have had a bit of time to pick up brush and hobby due some vacation from work.

The main focus of my hobby time has been a bit more of the Star Wars Imperial Assault figures.  I can really feel the rusty edges of my skill and I think only two of them really show off some of my old abilities.Gamorean1

Gamorean2Gamorean3Gamorean4Up first is a pair of grumpy pig-faced Gamoreans.  Famous for being the only guys foolish enough to run around with melee weapons in the time of blasters and other guns.  Oh, and the Jedi.  And the wookies.  Ok, so maybe they aren’t so lonely.  Anyhow, I went with using some of the shots of the costumes in daylight to use for my colour tones.  So for the die-hard Star Wars fans out there it will be a bit brighter than the dark confines of the buildings (or stomachs) they were depicted in during the movies.

I have another two of these guys to paint up and they will get more or less the same treatment.  While there are areas I feel are a bit rough, the faces came out quite nicely, especially from a distance.

Another miniature to show off is one I painted months ago but never put up on here.

This lovely little kitten is what is called a Nexu.  This is from the so called “prequel” trilogy, specifically from the Attack of the Clones.

I found the digital imagery was over-saturated in the pictures I found so I had a tough time trying to figure out the actual colours of this thing.  I settled with more or less white (ish) with purple stripes.  I think it looks fine and it fits the bill for a furball critter.

Nexu1Nexu2Nexu3As a bit of an action shot we see the Gamoreans playing keep away with the creature.Gamorean_Nexu


Also seeing some brush time were a couple of heroes.  The first pair are an alien race I don’t recall seeing in the movies so I was stuck using the card art to figure it out.  I did a very rough job all around on these guys, especially on the blending (or lack there of).  I feel these show the most skill fade on my part.  On the other hand they won’t get much attention during a game since they are Rebels and play beside a well-named and well-known cast of characters.

From arm’s length the clothing at least reads as a camo of some sort.

To finish on a high note are the figures I am more satisfied with, the ones that give me confidence I haven’t lost all my abilities.

Inquisitor1Inquisitor2Inquisitor3Up first we have the Grand Inquisitor.  I will be honest I have only a vague idea who this guy is.  He is a villain from the new Rebels cartoon, which my kids watched for a while.  As the art style is very conceptual in the cartoon, the figure captures the form of that more than a realistic anatomy.

Aside from that, I went with the pictures I could find to get his colours and shading right.

The one embarrassing thing to admit is that I tried (and failed) to do object source lighting on him.  It came out terrible so I just repainted those areas and I will come back to it later.  I think I ran into two issues.  I over-highlighted the areas I wanted lighted up and I went too light on the red.

Once I have tried it out some more I will likely revisit him to redo it.  These light-saber figures just call out for OSL on them to make the light work better.

Leia1Leia2Leia3The figure that I am most happy with is Princess Leia.  Wearing the latest fashion from Hoth, the figure replicates the costume she wore in The Empire Strikes Back on the arctic planet.

I spent a lot of time finding good pictures that showed the various parts of the costume in various lights and I think I captured the look very well.  I also spent a lot of time trying to get both the hair and facial expression to reflect the one often used in that movie.

Overall pushing paint around is a great way to unwind and I have missed being able to do this.

The game itself lends to very piece-meal painting to either do a band of heroes or a small group of villains at a time.  The varied looks actually merge quite well together as shown in the action shot of the villains and heroes staring each other down.

Leia_ActionA long update this time around, but hopefully still inspirational.  If nothing else to show that even a long break doesn’t mean too much in the way of skill fade.

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One response to “…in a galaxy far, far away”

  1. Argentbadger says :

    Nice painting, especially Princess Leia. You’ve really got the colours right.

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