An avid miniature wargamer, this blog has been created to motivate. I have often browsed other blogs and websites for inspiration or just images of models I am considering buying.

So I am now providing the inspiration to motivate others.

Like most miniature wargamers, I am a terrible procrastinator. I have more unfinished projects than I’d care to admit, often just petering out because I wasn’t really accountable to finish them. When I have a deadline or something I am working towards I have had incredible bouts of progress and creativity. Whether finishing a 40K army in time for a tournament, getting a new army done for a league, or finishing a terrain board to give as a gift, I have found deadlines help keep me on track.

So this blog provides pressure to motivate me.

I have played numerous games over the years. I play 3rd Ed Confrontation (of the many projects half-finished are my 4 armies), Warhammer 40,000, Dream Pod 9 Silhoutte systems (Heavy Gear, Gear Krieg, and a couple of homegrown skirmish systems), and Warmaster to name just a few that are cluttering up my shelves and basement. I have recently been converted to DBA and HOTT and very much enjoy the simplified system and focus on tactics. A big project I recently finished was developing a 6mm wargame based on FUBAR.

My current long-term project is a dungeon-crawler game.  To this end I have been making modular tiles using Hirst Arts and mostly Reaper Miniatures for the heroes and villains.  As this project progresses I hope to have a fun and simple game with lots of replay value.

As work has me moving on a fairly regular basis I tend to build two (or more) forces for any given game to ensure I have opposing forces.

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