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Another commercial break?

I have been absent from my blog for a while.  Sadly, I have been taking a course that is filling up most of my spare time.  If it is any consolation, the rest of the time has been filled by my regularly scheduled D&D game and the wife and I started playing a video game together.

So what is with the title?  Another batch of terrain posters advertising made-up companies?

Dungeon Saga terrain by Mantic. Image not my work, used without permission.

No, instead I have stumbled across a Kickstarter that I think is worth sharing as it has a very good deal on terrain bobbins that I find fiddly and frustrating to make.  Mantic has rolled-out something they call Terrain Crate.  This is a series of small terrain items suitable to dress up either your RPGs or wargames tables.  The idea for this came from an add-on they developed for Dungeon Saga, their Dungeon Dressing bits which have sold better than the game as far as I understand.

Dungeon Saga terrain by Mantic. Image not my work, used without permission.

Why?  Simply put, it is a good product that had a wider audience than their game did.

So I will share the link for you to check out at your leisure, an investment worth checking out in my opinion.

Just click on the picture to go to the Kickstarter.

As for the video game?  Ironically another Kickstarter it turns out: Divinity: Original Sin.  This is a very fun Diablo-esque throw-back game but it is completely class-less and has a very funny and well written story.  It can also be played cooperatively with split screen so the two people are not stuck together and forced to follow each other.

So a short post this time around with a very commercial flair, hopefully I inspired you to have at look at what I consider to be a good deal, even if you choose not to spend your money.