Core Space

It has been quite a while since I did a post on my blog.  Sadly I have been too busy to get much hobby time in, but I did get a new game I have been able to play quite a bit.

A couple years ago I backed Battle Systems in their project to produce a game.  A science-fiction skirmish game with a unique setting it is quite refreshing.  While it is a competitive game, players are able to cooperate.  In fact, some missions require the cooperation of all players.


Core Space Purge. Image courtesy of Battle Systems.

The premise is simple: players command a crew of ne’er do well traders similar to Fire Fly, Andromeda, or any sci-fi pulp serial.  These crews are then forced to survive in a galaxy being over-run by semi-autonomous robotic killing machines called the Purge.  They function very much like zombies in being predictable but some are downright terrifying in what they can do.

In addition to the great terrain which comes with the set (something to expect from Battle Systems), the game has a very flexible and logical artificial intelligence system.  This means through a simple chart and use of dice the NPCs can play themselves and they behave quite realistically.  The Purge will scramble over obstacles in their desire to kill.  Civilians will panic and flail about randomly.  The corrupt police agencies will attempt to shake down for bribes, protect civilians or arrest Traders.

Game Set-up

A game in progress. Image courtesy Battle Systems.

Because the AI is so versatile, solo play is actually a viable option.  I think the best feature of this is that one player isn’t stuck being the bad guy all the time (although using a game master is an option).  The mindless Purge do play how they are described if you follow the charts and they are still terrifying.  In fact, while playing games I have taken a step back to decide if I would do anything different with the Purge if I was playing them and most of the time I would not.

I recently finished the first campaign, as the game does have elements of role-playing it gave some interesting moments.  My selected captain had a bio that said he was obsessed with Hollywood movies my ancient Earth.  This meant when I was torn of the best course of action, I just went full action movie sequence.  Sometimes it even worked.  I did get quite the practice in the various ways to revive and drag around your wounded crew to safety.  In the final game, I even dragged the crew of another ship to safety.  Bit of irony there as I was the one who incapacitated them in the first place.

Captain Oberon Teelac

The infamous captain I used in my first campaign. Capt Oberon Teelac. Image courtesy Battle Systems.

I have also tried my hand at drafting up a few scenarios for Core Space myself.  I have created a campaign that is reminiscent of the cyber-punk themes of gangs and corrupt corporations making the crews more anti-heroes than anything else.  The scenarios below are all my own creation but the artwork comes from Battle Systems.

The map and icons are with their permission, the graphics are used without permission.

Feel free to have a read and provide any feedback you would like.  This is just the first half of the campaign as I am slowly working on the other missions.  The final listed mission is a game to be played to break crew members out of prison.







Hopefully this post was inspiring, if nothing else to get you to try a new game from time to time.  I think there is one I could recommend for you.

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2 responses to “Core Space”

  1. Terry Silverthorn says :

    HAH you need to get back to Edmonton, this would be interesting to get into! Like you I snagged the Kickstarter, but Frostgrave is my driving force atm, so not much chance to dabble in all the stuff arriving.

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